GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Tottenham 1-3 Man United

Mark Goldbridge Best moments from The Man United - Tottenham game which ended 3-1
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  • Anyone notice that ruglion was beaten for two of Manchester goals? Good job not buying him & getting telles & Shaw showing up & off

    Kurmir DefreitasKurmir Defreitas3 dager siden
  • Fell asleep fc lmaoo

    Daniel DonaldsonDaniel Donaldson20 dager siden
  • "I always thought ole would keep his hair' I'm sorry that doesn't concern you" 🤣🤣🤣 Tbh Mark, the same thought went through my head when I saw Ole head during the match

    Louis CherianLouis Cherian20 dager siden
  • As an MU fan, I am disheartened that our first goal was cancelled, but hey, at least it got a rage out of Goldbridge!!!

    Elliott WongElliott Wong20 dager siden
  • De gea In

    Random Videos 123Random Videos 12321 dag siden
  • Mark: pulls out arrow 🏹 Also Mark: "bang" Idk what type of bow u got brother but I want one. They have no laws against single shot bows

    saeeddeanablesaeeddeanable21 dag siden
  • 1-1 to Man Utd 🤣🤣🤣

    Sebastian Le ducSebastian Le duc21 dag siden
  • Would love Haaland but we need Sancho more. If we make more chances, our ST are good enough to get the goals, especially Mason and Cavani.

    Jammy DodgerJammy Dodger21 dag siden
  • Greenwood is BACK!

    Andrei JedidiahAndrei Jedidiah21 dag siden
  • Fell asleep FC 🤣🤣🤣. That got me

    Arubuola EbenezerArubuola Ebenezer21 dag siden
  • They've been getting away with it all year hahahaha

    Lee DeardenLee Dearden21 dag siden
  • How many times can one person be proven wrong in on video

    Lee DeardenLee Dearden21 dag siden
  • Such a drama drag queen!

    Mikhael DavisMikhael Davis21 dag siden
  • Watched this before the highlights for the 6-1

    Sam LawrenceSam Lawrence21 dag siden
  • “I can’t imagine Ollie without hair”.

    Kim BobKim Bob22 dager siden
  • Third best defence in the league... only needs a new quick, mature CB to complete it...

    KayDeeKayDee22 dager siden
  • Worst midfield pivot? You know nothing Jon Snow 😄

    KayDeeKayDee22 dager siden
  • The build up the reaction for the disallowed goal, knowing it was disallowed was hilarious

    Jamie MakJamie Mak22 dager siden
  • I came here to watch how some utd fans find this guy and his reactions interesting.Clueless, weird personality, very annoying and disturbing. Even his rants are not good enough.I am a utd fan and this guy is a complete clown. probably biggest mistake of mine is to click on this video.

    Shajjadur RahmanShajjadur Rahman22 dager siden
  • 2nd best defensive record behind city since maguire joined stats dont lie do your research

    Wayne LittlewoodWayne Littlewood22 dager siden
  • Imagine banging on about worse pivot midfield in league etc when your 7 points clear of the rest foolish boy

    Wayne LittlewoodWayne Littlewood22 dager siden
  • Even though Fred scored, he is not first team quality. Watch his performance for the entire match. Better is needed for us to compete.

    Dazzer 1804Dazzer 180422 dager siden
  • From 1-0 to 1-0 down line had me dying

    Scars MusicScars Music22 dager siden
  • We do have a good defense.

    Dtm JaxDtm Jax22 dager siden
  • Can someone tell Mark that rhinos are, in fact, pretty quick. Over a short distance anyway 🦏

    Michael RowellMichael Rowell22 dager siden
  • *With his hands on his head* "oh my god - Fred scored a goal" 🤣

    ozamrani22ozamrani2222 dager siden
  • The way he releases the arrow on that second Cavani goal. I can’t 😂💀💀

    leeon rleeon r22 dager siden
  • genuinely ive always like cavani and i dont understand why some united fans dont rate him.

    SharkSprayYTPSharkSprayYTP22 dager siden
  • alright yeah maybe it shouldve been disallowed, it was a clear and obvious slap but jesus christ. im not an athlete and when i get slapped i dont roll around the floor.

    SharkSprayYTPSharkSprayYTP22 dager siden
  • 2:19: The End Of Football. Thank you for documenting this so future generations can see when The Beautiful Game died. 👍

    Jimmy JammyJimmy Jammy22 dager siden
  • Greenwood reminds me of cr7... I know I am exaggerating it... lmao... But he does remind me of cr7. A better version at that age... We just need better mid field to support him...

    shubhshubh22 dager siden
  • It's absolutely dumb to say our defence isn't good. We definitely don't concede many chances in games. Also this stupid hating on Maguire is silly. He plays every game for United and England because he is good on the ball and good at organising. Our defense is fast and stupid without him.

    JB RJB R22 dager siden
  • I genuinely wish we were serious when we went in for Cavani those years back

    Nana BasoaNana Basoa22 dager siden
  • Nine out of ten for Gold bridge!

    barbudo12barbudo1222 dager siden
  • GGMU ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Edward FergusonEdward Ferguson22 dager siden
  • watch this in 2x speed 😭😭😭

    Birdy BeatsBirdy Beats22 dager siden
  • Spurs is so shit that even Fred scored against them.

    First GamerFirst Gamer22 dager siden
  • Man united half time team talk Lads it’s Tottenham

    DAMIEN JOBDAMIEN JOB22 dager siden
  • Son is the first ever player to suffer a dislocated eyelash

    Michael EvansMichael Evans23 dager siden
    • Hahahhaha probably the most creative thing I've heard in a long time. That was some serious overreaction from Son

      Louis CherianLouis Cherian20 dager siden
    • 😂😂

      Arunachala Sivateja MudigondaArunachala Sivateja Mudigonda22 dager siden
  • 10:26

    harithkaaaharithkaaa23 dager siden
  • Could’ve been five if the ref had eyes and pogba played his chance simple

    Carlin DzikitiCarlin Dzikiti23 dager siden
  • 6:42 wan bissaka at palace

    Blaze SeanBlaze Sean23 dager siden
  • This feen is quality to watch after the games

    John KelleherJohn Kelleher23 dager siden
  • Are my the only one who thinks Fred almost shoot that above the crossbar?

    Bradly bBelleBradly bBelle23 dager siden
  • I actually rate Son but that dive was awful… glad we smashed them!

    Akshay BhatiaAkshay Bhatia23 dager siden
  • We sent Lingard to West ham to stop Chelsea from getting top 4.

    Bradly bBelleBradly bBelle23 dager siden
  • 2nd in premier league 23 away games unbeaten quarter final europa league with lucky manager no right winger fred in midfield and a really crap defence 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can any1 including you Mark give me some sort of evidence to suggest man utd have a crap defence and ole is a lucky manager?? What a load of crap. SUPPORT!!!!!! SUPPORT!!!!!! GGMU

    Edward FergusonEdward Ferguson23 dager siden
  • Defemce is crap 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 second best in premier league maguire is 3rd in aerial battles won 5th best in interceptions 4th best in the league at headed clearances utd haven't lost away from home in 23 games but done that all with a crap defence and Fred and mctominey in midfield 😂😂😂😂😂 what do you say to that mark??????

    Edward FergusonEdward Ferguson23 dager siden
  • Pastor Fred's sermon having Goldbridge screaming Oh My God 😂

    Gerry ShomGerry Shom23 dager siden
  • 😂

    Red WazziesRed Wazzies23 dager siden
  • Omg fred scold a goal should be replaced with bloody hell as mark signature catchphrase

    Singapore LifestyleSingapore Lifestyle23 dager siden
  • 9:48 This should be the new thumbnail

    Singapore LifestyleSingapore Lifestyle23 dager siden
  • Did you just say Mcsauce and Fred is the worst midfield pivot in the league!?!!!?

    erique kimerique kim23 dager siden
  • Wanker! hes a twaaat! :D

    Shahbaz AhmadShahbaz Ahmad23 dager siden
  • Wan bisakka thinks hes in crystal palace😂😂😂

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali23 dager siden
  • GGMU

    AnKoNaToRAnKoNaToR23 dager siden
  • Pogba should play on the wing because then he has less defensive responsibility and can play attacking like he wants to and we can play fred and VDB or Matic and VDB or mcfred(😥) pogba on the wing means it is a kind of 442 which is brilliant

    Aditya TalatiAditya Talati23 dager siden
  • (13:48) He said “Give us another 10min and we’ll get 6”🤣🤣😂😂He wants MUN to get revenge

    AccessAcce GranAccessAcce Gran23 dager siden
  • Jesus christ this Mark. Do ypu really have to call our defence absolut crap? It’s not optimal, but still quite decent. And btw, when you talk about United not making chances for our striker, this comes down to the strikers movement, not the lack of chances created. As of right now, Cavani is the only natural striker in the club, and by that also the only striker to make those runs. Thats what it comes down to. Anyways, it was a great game, and happy we won in the end! GG

    KyrreKyrre23 dager siden
  • I think everyone had the same reaction when Fred scored 😂

    J DJ D23 dager siden
  • What's crap is supporters like you.

    Derek JacksonDerek Jackson23 dager siden
  • Will you stop complaining about United . If they are as bad as what you say, it doesn't sat much for 16 teams below them. Also, City have lost 4 games the same as United. There is very little between the two top teams. City has only scored 6 goals more than United. If you complain as you do, you don't deserve to support United.

    Derek JacksonDerek Jackson23 dager siden
    • Calm down old man, He's a passionate supporter. He deserves to support United just as much as you do

      MandatoryMist77MandatoryMist7723 dager siden
  • The refs a Spurs fan that’s why he gave that dive as a foul

    Allan MaxwellAllan Maxwell23 dager siden
  • The way he was waffling just before Fred’s goal Lollll

    Clapham CyberClapham Cyber23 dager siden
  • ‘A goal and an assaison`

    Jordan FolwellJordan Folwell23 dager siden

    Pratham MorePratham More23 dager siden
  • Games gone soft

    RocketRocket23 dager siden
  • So funny

    Craig WatersCraig Waters23 dager siden
  • This man though! how he celebrated fred's goal,

    Car LosCar Los23 dager siden
  • Fell Asleep FC 😂🤣

    Dunsdon De WeeDunsdon De Wee23 dager siden
  • Nice one

    XJokermanXXJokermanX23 dager siden
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Shadmehr Kiyani RadShadmehr Kiyani Rad23 dager siden
  • 😍Cavani header reminds me of CR7s goal in that 5-2 comeback in 2009😍

    Nimish LondheNimish Londhe23 dager siden
  • 13:04 greenwood beauty

    M Harsha VardhanM Harsha Vardhan23 dager siden
  • The Brazilian Fred just suddenly appeared, like Spiderman ripping off his suit.🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Aditya ChoudhuryAditya Choudhury23 dager siden
    • I said the same thing 🤣🤣

      The United Show SAThe United Show SA21 dag siden
  • United defence feat. The Invisible Men 😂😂

    Mayur DasMayur Das23 dager siden
  • The comeback DNA

    Udubra GloryUdubra Glory23 dager siden
  • Bruno is a little whining baby. Always complaing about something.

    londo0londo023 dager siden
    • @londo0 enjoy Steve Bruce as Ur manager

    • @KING DEDEDEDEDE looks like we are not playing there

      londo0londo022 dager siden
    • @londo0 enjoy playing in the championship

    • @KING DEDEDEDEDE I'm actually a Newcastle fan, don't care about Spurs or Man Utd. Just saying in general, Bruno whinges every single game. So, annoying

      londo0londo023 dager siden
    • Haha son cheated pretending he was fouled but u still lost enjoy having mourinho as Ur manager hopefully he can improve spurs defence

  • "Sit down, Mark!" - Pastor Fred

    Keith KujurKeith Kujur23 dager siden
  • "I think its gonna be given." 😂😂😂 Mark's tongue is literally cursed.

    Devjoy BanerjeeDevjoy Banerjee23 dager siden
  • Pogba job is to play at spot 10 and be able to attack and fallback when needed. How he played the attacking way Thats what he should have been ever since bought. He should be able to run his tongue out play like his playing front corner left opposition box and back at his position at spot 10 to defend. He has dissapointed us so many games because he was too lazy to do the runnings and sloppy at most times. If pogba increase his energy be able to attack and do the tappings to the front and be able to run back to defend then he can prove me wrong.. Martial needs to be rotated with Rashford he is surfocating as a striker..

    Didi DadaDidi Dada23 dager siden
  • His best bits will never top his..”we’re always coming from behind, we’re doggystyle fc” i still cry with that one

    Sean TackettSean Tackett23 dager siden
    • It is probably the best comment ever made on YT

      BIGTOE BUNDYBIGTOE BUNDY22 dager siden
    • Which match was that from?

      GalaxZGalaxZ23 dager siden
  • Fred just found his passport.🤣🤣😂😂

    Team PowerTeam Power23 dager siden
  • When Fred score I said " Bruno thought him"😂

    Sheldon YorkSheldon York23 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂 I swear this cracking me up....a well needed laughter thanks mark

    Jordan MurrayJordan Murray23 dager siden
  • Mason greenwood was pure class..

    R SashvinnaR Sashvinna23 dager siden
  • 13:24 a goal and a what???

    flowflow23 dager siden
  • This Cavani is class

    Kelvin GohKelvin Goh23 dager siden
  • I`m so glad Son didn`t die when he was attacked.. That slap in the face could have been lethal. And i agree with Jose. Let`s be very happy that Sons father is a better human being than Ole is. Cause im sure Son doesn`t have to go to bed hungry tonight.

    YellymanYellyman23 dager siden
  • Racist fanbase tell ur club to talk about the portion of ur fanbase that is disgusting as u actually have a presence with the community

    LTBSLTBS23 dager siden

    WM BWM B23 dager siden
  • lindelof fault for that goal

    Trafford LangtonTrafford Langton23 dager siden
  • How he tried saying AWB was out of position is ridiculous had to mark Kane and had absolutely no support from Rashford in marking Son

    HamzolooHamzoloo23 dager siden

    Ryan GregoryRyan Gregory23 dager siden
  • Yes Mark Let’s Goooooo

    1341141 N4JI131341141 N4JI1323 dager siden
  • Spurs definitely payed that ref

    cjs2805cjs280523 dager siden
  • I get that what son did was wrong but tbh most players nowadays do it even ours! It just so happens today that karma came dresses as a Uruguayan archer. Cavani😍

    Wayne ReeveWayne Reeve23 dager siden
  • Take it you weren't happy with that goal Mark

    philip wilkinsonphilip wilkinson23 dager siden
  • I can't believe it carricky😂

    wizzy x9wizzy x923 dager siden
  • A goal and a assason🤣🤣🤣

    Khalidul AmanKhalidul Aman23 dager siden