Gabbie Hanna will never stop.

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  • I will absolutely, under no circumstances, be addressing Gabbie any longer. I don’t care if she continues to post 2881966 videos about me, I don’t care what people think I SHOULD do in response. I made this video with a very clear intention and made sure to say and show my truth for the parts of this situation that truly hurt and mattered to me. If I dedicated any more of my time to combating every lie Gabbie has and continues to tell about our friendship, I’d never be free of this situation. The back and forth would never end. There are always more screenshots either one of us could show, there’s always more context. It has to end somewhere. My only solution here is to do what most people are waiting for either Gabbie or myself to do right now - and that’s end this. This is a situation that hurts and triggers many people beyond just me. I refuse to prolong it any further. Gabbie can have the last word - I’m going to enjoy my life and spend time with people I love and, very soon, welcome my beautiful daughter into this world. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to listen.

    JessiSmilesJessiSmiles5 dager siden
    • 💕💕

      Luke RowlandLuke Rowland7 timer siden
    • Good for you!!! You deserve to enjoy your life and spend time with people you love!!!

      Aleesa BaakkoAleesa Baakko8 timer siden
    • We all love you so much girl!!!!

      Baylee FullerBaylee Fuller12 timer siden
    • Good for you Jessi nothing is better than being with the ones that love you. 😘❤❤

      Cecilia GuadronCecilia Guadron13 timer siden
    • Yeah because you have no choice or she’ll sue your ass for the shit you did and refuse to own up to lol

      Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic13 timer siden
  • i know this is about you. this just randomly started playing after music, but man oh man, you just spoke up for so many more people than you even realize. thank you.

    tk contractingtk contracting6 minutter siden
  • "We live in different realities" 👏👏

    Delia MeyerDelia MeyerTime siden
  • The fact that you have to keep relieving this trauma what the fuck i’m so sorry

    huldahhuldahTime siden

    sethen valentinesethen valentine3 timer siden
  • Wow. Just wow!! You are so strong and so composed! I would have not been okay to make a video like that. Good for you!! Hopefully she will go away. She is ruining her own life but chooses to put the blame on others. But she will reap what she sews. Karma will take over eventually and when it does, maybe then she will realize she was the one that caused all her issues.

    AlexandraMariaAlexandraMaria3 timer siden
  • Bro..... I would of completely snapped my anger issues would have said ✨no✨ @ gabbi like NO MAMES IM SO SCARED OF GABBI SHES LITERALLY SO manipulative ):

    Mia MunozMia Munoz5 timer siden
  • ❤❤❤💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Maša SitaricaMaša Sitarica5 timer siden
  • if jessi is Gabbi's abuser, why doesnt she just block her and not deal with anything

    LilyRangel90LilyRangel905 timer siden
  • "my fans are not an extension of me, and she's a adult." "jen is not an extension of me, and yes, she's an adult." use her phrasing back at her and let her know the absolute insanity of what she's asking of you.

    Alicia MAlicia M6 timer siden
  • The level of professionalism is astounding Jessi, Hang in there.

    HesAbnormalHesAbnormal8 timer siden
  • absorbed whack person get in the way. props to Jessi, she’s handling this with respect and grace, queen 👑

    dcoog anmldcoog anml8 timer siden
  • No adds. Seriously I’m sorry. Please Jesus deliver Jessi and her family some peace.

    Jshdisis BsheisisisJshdisis Bsheisisis10 timer siden
    • We all love and support you❤️

      dcoog anmldcoog anml8 timer siden
  • I’m sorry. Just ignore her the best you can. Your husband knows what’s good for you.

    Jshdisis BsheisisisJshdisis Bsheisisis11 timer siden
  • I absolutely love how calm cool and collected you are talking about the whole situation where Gabbi is out here on fire cussing yelling going tf off like?? 🥴 girl if you did nothing wrong why you so damn worked up 😂

    Lexi DiermyerLexi Diermyer11 timer siden
  • 16:40 it’s deflecting, she’s only accusing you of doing something she would have done if she was in your situation. She’s literally a narcissist and it’s so obvious.

    ophyxsophyxs11 timer siden
  • I can’t believe someone considered a “friend” can be so absolutely horribly disgusting to someone as amazing and strong as you. Keep going girl. Don’t ever look back anymore. You don’t need that in your life with your wonderful little family.

    Olivia XOlivia X11 timer siden
  • I didn't know either of these two people. I watched both sides and this is my opinion. to be fair, jessie is the main reason it is still being talked about. Shes the only one who has been bringing it up for the past 6 years. she feels like she needs to keep bringing it up even though they squashed things forever ago. having gabbi thinking theyre on good terms and then randomly reverting back to being mad, but then blocking gabbi so gabbi doesn't even know why jessie's mad this time. Jessie is the person who has kept this whole thing going bc she cant control her emotions. Jessie is a manipulator who wants to control the narrative and has literally unblocked gabbi just to be hateful then blocked her again so she cant even ask whats going on or defend herself (A form of control). She only blocked gabbi bc she was scared of her calling out her manipulated version of what happened all this time and since gabbir has virtually not addressed her for 6 years, jessie now has the confidence to continue manipulating the narrative. Is gabbi in the right, not completely, but I dont think this is gabbi's fault. I feel like jessi has blown almost every aspect of this situation out of proportion, and that's why it is what it is now, 6 years later. because the only one who kept bringing stuff up and trying to start stuff for the past 6 years is jessie. My point, I don't understand why jessi is so upset when it seems as though she is the one who wanted to keep bringing the past up and starting stuff. Like you should've known you were starting something by continually bringing the matter up when the other person is ignoring you

    Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic11 timer siden
    • @Savannah Kubic Wrong

      Wee WooWee Woo3 timer siden
    • Wrong.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers5 timer siden
    • @Wee Woo have fun saying wrong, doesn’t change a thing and I’m done interacting with someone who thinks repeating a single word has any value lmfao

      Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic8 timer siden
    • @Wee Woo lmao, what IS wrong is when Jessie called Gabbi a rape apologist (which is what started all of this). Jessie even admitted and apologized for saying she was a rape apologist in their 3 hour phone call she just won’t publicly say it cause she’s embarrassed . Again facts that are actually not “wrong” lol

      Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic8 timer siden
    • @Savannah Kubic wrong

      Wee WooWee Woo8 timer siden
  • She is literally so fucking weird, she seriously needs help

    Jasmine JarvisJasmine Jarvis12 timer siden
  • I am SO sorry for everything you have been through for the past years. She genuinely needs medical help, and youtube needs to realize that. I support you 100% you gained a new subscriber.

    Annie WaldenAnnie Walden12 timer siden
  • How are you saying gabbi perpetuated rumors when you did that first you have no room to talk lmfao the hipocracy is real in this one

    Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic13 timer siden

      yvonnneee Jyvonnneee J5 timer siden
    • 🤡

      Sven TheKilljoySven TheKilljoy12 timer siden
  • No matter how good your story is at the end of the brought this drama on yourself. You should’ve quit talking about someone who was not talking about you. Bottom line no if ands or buts

    Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic13 timer siden
    • Omg Sav that is such a good point! You should write a book.

      yvonnneee Jyvonnneee J5 timer siden
    • 🤡

      Sven TheKilljoySven TheKilljoy12 timer siden
  • You’ve been a paranoid hipocrit Jessie. You have no room to act offended get over it and take responsibility for your actions. Gabbi apologized genuinely many times on that 3hr phone call and yours were all in genuine and fake

    Savannah KubicSavannah Kubic13 timer siden
    • Go take a grammar course 🤦🏻‍♀️

      yvonnneee Jyvonnneee J5 timer siden
    • "hipocrit" 😭🤡

      Sven TheKilljoySven TheKilljoy12 timer siden
  • i admire you so, so much. you're such an example of levelheadedness, strength and of how ppl should deal with such a crazy and shitty situation like this, in my opinion. i really admire that of you and i only hope you continue to heal and do well in life. you definitely deserve it.

    KmiiVCKmiiVC15 timer siden
  • I stand behind you Jessi! I hope you can have peace and love now, and heal

    Karen KristineKaren Kristine15 timer siden
  • u r manipulative u r using ur abuse. react to the facts stop with stupid projections. being a victim doesnt mean u cant be an abuser as well. how come people on here r so blind to this is this some sick and counterproductive form of virtue signaling? get real people...please

    Bobo HoboBobo Hobo15 timer siden
    • Wow bobo your name really speaks for itself.

      yvonnneee Jyvonnneee J5 timer siden
    • 🤡🤡🤡

      Sven TheKilljoySven TheKilljoy12 timer siden
    • Just stop.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers15 timer siden
  • Years since I’ve come to see you! Wow! You look wonderful Jessi.

    Andrew OstrihonAndrew Ostrihon16 timer siden
  • 👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑

    Bani RokaBani Roka16 timer siden
  • We all love and support you❤️

    suzanna ericksonsuzanna erickson17 timer siden
  • After reading online about this felony assault of Curtis I am wondering why are you saying “rape” , “rape”, “rape over and over again as I checked the “rape” charges as well as “sexual assault” charges were dropped. Isn’t it unfair to call Curtis rapist when he was not charged guilty?

    Igor KacperskiIgor Kacperski18 timer siden
    • Thanks for clarification! I really appreciate that :)

      Igor KacperskiIgor Kacperski15 timer siden
    • They weren’t actually dropped, he just took a plea deal so the charge was changed to felony assault. He still confessed to the crime and was convicted.

      Genevieve CrawfordGenevieve Crawford15 timer siden
    • He had already been convincted and confessed for raping jessi. So regardless if the guilty is found guilty or not that doesnt matter if they confessed to doing this

      Fadalerab RasoolFadalerab Rasool17 timer siden
    • if a person murders another person, but they are charged “not guilty”. would they still be a murderer?

      mr worldwidemr worldwide17 timer siden
  • ily, go have a healthy mind & a healthy baby

    Sylvia BrownSylvia Brown18 timer siden
  • I don't believe you..too much unnecessary anecdote

    Linvie ChemuLinvie Chemu19 timer siden
    • @Maddie whatever Read again what you just wrote and reflect on it😂 I won't be mean to you, I can tell you're young

      Linvie ChemuLinvie Chemu10 timer siden
    • @Linvie Chemu No it doesn't. That's such a childish retort, drama aside. Like if I go to the circus and see an elephant that doesn't fucking mean I'm an elephant. I know it's an elephant. This is petty middlescjool comebacks that make no sense.

      Maddie whateverMaddie whatever11 timer siden
    • @Sven TheKilljoy takes one to know one 😋

      Linvie ChemuLinvie Chemu12 timer siden
    • 🤡🤡🤡

      Sven TheKilljoySven TheKilljoy12 timer siden
    • @Wendigo Whispers you get it😂😂

      Linvie ChemuLinvie Chemu14 timer siden
  • Ah girl, get it all off your chest, most of the internet knows she is a tool. Keep your chin up! ❤ focus on your family, she is a miserable troll.

    Fiona ElisabethFiona Elisabeth19 timer siden
  • u deserve to heal baby, i'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

    lexi marielexi marie20 timer siden
  • I haven’t even finished, but I’m so sorry Jessi.

    Emmie MooreEmmie Moore21 time siden
  • I have no idea why this video was suggested to me and I have no idea who any of the people mentioned even are... But big ol yikes. I don’t even need to know. This video told the entire story. The screenshots, the voice recordings, the videos. Very well put together. And from one random survivor to a beautiful and seemingly successful survivor, I appreciate the strength and dignity from this entire video. You were calm, collected, poised. That other girl is so wicked and I truly hope she’s able to take accountability for her wicked actions. Such a mean spirited person. I typically find that the majority of people who claim everyone around them are narcissistic abusers, are the narcissistic abusers themselves. I’m not saying she is, because like I said, I have no idea who any of these people are, but that’s just what I’ve learned through my life. Either way, I’m incredibly sorry you’re having to relive all that traumatic experiences for the entire world to see. Bless you, girl. Keep that chin up, hold on to your boundaries white knuckled and forget she ever existed. I respect you. #metoo

    K BlanksK Blanks22 timer siden
  • girl read up on narcissistic personality disorder, and how to respond to someone with NPD.... You won't ever get her to back down. she will just escalate until she 'wins'...

    aysh laaysh la22 timer siden
  • She is hurting for narcisistic disorder probably couse after all i heard it seems like that. she cant hande critics, lie, manipulate people...

    NatalijaNatalija23 timer siden
  • She sees people crying as a manipulation tactic because that’s exactly what she does.

    Timah ArieTimah ArieDag siden
  • She's out of her fucking mind. I'm not even into youtubers like that and I remember when this shit first kicked off, I cannot believe it has come all this way. I wish you the most peace the universe can offer

    KAVKAKAVKADag siden
  • Jessi, I just want to say that I’m so incredibly sorry that she keeps trying to pull you into this drama and hurt you. I think you handled this so beautiful and perfectly. The one thing that will drive her crazy the most is you being able to move on and live your life happily lol. Focusing on yourself and you’re new baby girl is all that you should have to worry about!

    Courtney ColemanCourtney ColemanDag siden
  • I am glad that for you, you spoke your truth. I’m sorry you keep getting dragged into all of this over and over again. 🥺 I wish you nothing but peace and happiness. Now go kiss that baby because that is what is most important.

    Miss SmarteepantsMiss SmarteepantsDag siden
  • I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this for so long😞😞

    Trista SmithTrista SmithDag siden
  • I’m so sorry you are going through this still. I hope you get peace soon 💜💜

    Dana BananaDana BananaDag siden
  • She equates crying with manipulation because she does it.

    Cupid's VictimCupid's VictimDag siden
  • This gabi girl seems manic honestly

    WubbajanWubbajanDag siden
  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It's disgusting how she's acting. Using YOUR trama for views and trying to twist the narritive to what she wants is just cruel and abusive and disgusting. The fact that you made sure not to include her tramua when you released the phone call shows your true authentic nature and how big your heart really is. To still be protecting your abuser and respecting her wish that you don't speak on her trauma in public when she has not given you the same courtesy blows me away. We see you. We see you are hurting and we know exactly who the abusers are. She might think she got the last word but really she just hammered in the last nail in the coffin. She's shown her true colors. She has exsposed nobody but herself. I wish you nothing but peace Jessi. I hope you can move on from this and thrive. I know you will.

    C GuajardoC GuajardoDag siden
  • So I genuinely didn't know much about either of you before all this drama, but I am now a sub of your channel after all of this. I was scrolling through your previous videos and I really like your content, and plan to stick around for your "regularly scheduled" content.

    Jennifer FreeseJennifer FreeseDag siden
  • I’m so sorry jessi, my heart goes out to you, I can’t imagine how this has all affected you.

    Kenzie LynnKenzie LynnDag siden
  • Congrats on your baby! Please be sure to take it easy and relax! I know its probably hard to do with she-who-shall-not-be-named trying to drag you down with her♥️youre so strong, you got this

    malkyyymalkyyyDag siden
  • I’m so sorry that ypu have to relived that awful moment in your life that never should be question because of a narcicistic person… I bet if that had happend to her she do not want her story out in public

    El Rincon de AleEl Rincon de AleDag siden
  • Can we normalize believing the victim because in the past year I’ve lost many friends to my rapist and it’s disgusting and scary. Why’s it so hard for people to do this?

    Liv GuyllLiv GuyllDag siden
  • You are strong for speaking up about everything. ❤️

    Liv GuyllLiv GuyllDag siden

    tiatiaDag siden
    • Ew

      kale rosekale roseDag siden
  • Even if she deletes all her.public statements on all social platforms she.can't get any lawyer to come after anyone.for anything. Its why she threatens with a lawyer. I'm really sorry she did this to you the is her.toxicity has no real audience. Your still here she's not and she won't have a comeback. She just went off the rails and that won't be forgiven.

    Last ChanceLast ChanceDag siden
  • I think it's probably both of you and your NOcds games.

    Krysten NobleKrysten NobleDag siden
    • @Wendigo Whispers They are like two side of the same coin. They both love the drama and are actively enabling it by throwing brush to the fire.

      xHuntedGunzPCGxxHuntedGunzPCGxDag siden
    • No.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo WhispersDag siden
  • I'm so genuinely sorry that you've had to go through this, take a break for yourself and your family. try not to let this stress you out. I'm sending love and support.

    Elliott FrancisElliott FrancisDag siden
  • Stop being obessed with gabbi and gabbi should stop be obsessed with you too

    JuliaunJuliaunDag siden
    • @Christina Ramon no LOL

      JuliaunJuliaun2 timer siden
    • @Christina Ramon No they didn't 🙄 the ignorance annoys me to no end

      Ashlynne RenaeAshlynne RenaeDag siden
    • @Ashlynne Renae I'm glad, because it is just causing more stress. We'll never know everything that happened. I'm. Glad she's over it and said her word. Gabbi made another video, and I'm hoping it's also the last we hear of it

      xHuntedGunzPCGxxHuntedGunzPCGxDag siden
    • @xHuntedGunzPCGx No she's doing it to put it all out there so there will no longer be confusion. She even said in the video and in the comments she's done. She will never reply or mention it again.

      Ashlynne RenaeAshlynne RenaeDag siden
    • @xHuntedGunzPCGx Nope. Incorrect. False. Wrong. ✌

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo WhispersDag siden
  • Jessi you need to get a restraining order. You have proof and several people that can back you up.

    ValentinaValentinaDag siden
  • You are just as much apart of the problem. Accountability needs to be learned.

    Andrea AyersAndrea AyersDag siden
    • Shhhhhhh

      Jodi MashJodi MashDag siden
    • @Wendigo Whispers I fixed it

      Andrea AyersAndrea AyersDag siden
    • Jessi isn't the problem, but your comment is problematic.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo WhispersDag siden
  • David Dobrik start out filming with her and dropped her quietly YEARS ago with Liza. He already knew her game of manipulation. I wished others did. All yalls channels playlist look like all yall need mental help or therapy not react videos. That's why I love David's channel...

    Just An ArtistJust An ArtistDag siden
    • How can you support somebody who Perpetuates a group of girls to be sexually assaulted?

      Fadalerab RasoolFadalerab Rasool17 timer siden
    • So. Much. *WRONG* Here.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo WhispersDag siden
  • Gabbi response video is hilarious. I wish GotDamnZo was into NOcds drama lol

    SebastianSebastianDag siden
  • The way you handled this was so professional wow

    compIace ntcompIace ntDag siden
  • Live your life sis enjoy your babies & husband and never let another word of that yellow haired scarecrow looking woman ruin anything else in your life.

    Christy JoChristy JoDag siden
  • please take her to court

    compIace ntcompIace ntDag siden
  • 💚🧡💛 you are so loved jessie and we support you and stand by you. 🥰🥰🥰

    Well, well, well, how the turntablesWell, well, well, how the turntablesDag siden
  • Not “pee pee poo poo” 🤣

    K JohnsonK JohnsonDag siden
  • I didn’t know Curtis was a rapist wtff, I used to watch his vines all the time smh ppl are sick

    Chris BChris BDag siden
  • U shd get a restraining order...tbh...

    rattlesnake sidewinderrattlesnake sidewinderDag siden
  • Jessi, sending you so much love and support! I'm sorry you are going through this! You have so much class and elegance.

    Jessica MillerJessica MillerDag siden
  • "have i ever tried to start drama with anybody?" as if she really said that. she literally makes herself the victim in every situation and when everybody else is telling you that your wrong surely that should show her something. i think a lot of the people around her just need to tell her exactly how it is and become as aggressive as she is so that she knows she has a fucking issue. i think she should just remove herself from the internet. would be better for everyone.

    Freya xxFreya xxDag siden
  • this is so exhausting i’m so sorry 💓

    SofiaSofiaDag siden
  • 37:06 the most factual thing you’ll ever hear in the world

    jasmine taitjasmine taitDag siden
  • She thinks people crying are manipulating because that's what she does to manipulate others. She thinks people lie and hate all the time because that is what she does... She thinks thé world fuctions like her

    Sansot AndréaSansot AndréaDag siden
  • Did she ever donate the money? 😅

    SebastianSebastianDag siden
  • seeni gztyseeni gztyDag siden
  • why is she literally trying to blackmail you i-

    coraphobiccoraphobicDag siden
    • Did you watch gabbi response video lol

      SebastianSebastianDag siden
    • This girl is in so much drama videos 🙄that just shows what kinda person she it

      seeni gztyseeni gztyDag siden
  • You're both wrong. This is all ridiculous. You're no better than her.

    Sasha SuxSasha Sux2 dager siden
    • Wrong

      Christina RamonChristina RamonDag siden
    • Wrong. So wrong.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo WhispersDag siden
  • Are you able to send her a cease and desist? That might shut her up

    Abigail DavidsonAbigail Davidson2 dager siden
  • I can't imagine going through a catostrophicly traumatising moment in life and being tortured with a horrible person that condemn you like this. I don't knownwhat to say, I am so sorry. I hope the best and the happiest.

    kewl Boikewl Boi2 dager siden
  • I can't imagine how much stress, frustration, tears and so much more you've put into all of this. I hope you are able to heal more than you have been able too you deserve more than the world

    xSukunaxSukuna2 dager siden
  • Only way to handle someone disrespecting boundaries that consistently for that long is to stonewall. Everything they do is to get a reaction so naturally the best thing to do is become stone like until she gets bored of the lack of reactions and moves on to someone else.

    FoodandFaithfulnessFoodandFaithfulness2 dager siden
  • We love you Jessi

    Kay CarlsonKay Carlson2 dager siden
  • I think you’re full of crap

    Meagan HiltonMeagan Hilton2 dager siden
    • Shut up, Meagan.

      yvonnneee Jyvonnneee J5 timer siden
    • I think you’re full of jelly donuts

      LolLolDag siden
    • I think you are full of crap.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers2 dager siden
    • 👏👏🖤

      Madilyn MoranMadilyn Moran2 dager siden
  • Jessi you are STRONG ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Katie ObusekKatie Obusek2 dager siden
  • you're both attention seeking and dramatic tbh

    Ivanneth SuyinIvanneth Suyin2 dager siden
    • No.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers2 dager siden
  • Im so sorry for you i hope you recover stronger. This is sad that she has to push limits. Or she pushes boundaries

    sᴘʀᴏᴜᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴍsᴘʀᴏᴜᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴍ2 dager siden
  • She literally will not stop. Its pathetic

    Just KibbyJust Kibby2 dager siden
  • Does no one see Jessie's pattern? Have any of you actually done research on this? Cuz seriously her bullshiit is clear af.

    Chris MosleyChris Mosley2 dager siden
    • Please elaborate

      Alexia ReyesAlexia Reyes2 dager siden
    • 👏👏

      Madilyn MoranMadilyn Moran2 dager siden
    • No. But you are free to your opinion.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers2 dager siden
  • Not sure why she made another video repeating the same things when you debunked it

    weed demon97weed demon972 dager siden
  • girl she had no right saying half the shit she said. you are so mature bc i would’ve knocked her tf out. you are so strong and we got ur back

    gabi cartergabi carter2 dager siden
  • you sound so much like cassey MUA

    melanie rosasmelanie rosas2 dager siden
  • This girl is in so much drama videos 🙄that just shows what kinda person she it

    Josie ShyannaJosie Shyanna2 dager siden
    • No.

      Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers2 dager siden
  • Stay strong Momma bear.

    Wendigo WhispersWendigo Whispers2 dager siden
  • I just want to say that I am in awe of your strength, your grace, your compassion, and your class that radiated throughout this video. We are so fucking proud of you for being able to talk about this and speak THE truth. You are an incredible woman and I hope you get the peace you deserve.

    Meraki MinxMeraki Minx2 dager siden