FULL FIGHT | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin vs. Kell Brook (DAZN REWIND)

September 10, 2016 -- GGG vs. Brook from The O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom.
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  • Don’t tell you didn’t see that green bust!

    Akylbek BaigabylovAkylbek Baigabylov57 minutter siden
  • Probably the greatest chin ever..has never touched the canvas

    snailjob09snailjob0917 timer siden

    RahmatYukardi91 NasutionRahmatYukardi91 Nasution2 dager siden
  • Tee wee cr

    Matthew walkerMatthew walker3 dager siden
  • Feozxwaz

    Matthew walkerMatthew walker3 dager siden

    liox bassliox bass4 dager siden
  • Triple ggg a true champ he goes to the other fighter he does not run like mayweather

    SpitSpit6 dager siden
  • Luto laban Crawford Vs kelbrook

    Mon FranciscoMon Francisco6 dager siden
  • Golovkin is way underrated defensively and offensively he’s just a force of nature.

    harold floydharold floyd6 dager siden
  • Чувствуется Гена немного не в форме, реакцыя и движения как-то заторможенные

    ЦыникЦыник7 dager siden
  • GGG. Special one bukan pecundang dari Inggris.....

    Bahar RudinBahar Rudin7 dager siden
  • how do you "boo" triple G?

    dulahaan smithdulahaan smith8 dager siden
  • Another dreamer...... with big mouth.....

    Stoyan StoyanovStoyan Stoyanov11 dager siden
  • GGG is a cyborg 👍

    JC ZebiJC Zebi11 dager siden
  • Зачем бой остановили?

    Назар ТвердохлебовНазар Твердохлебов14 dager siden
  • GGG🥊💪💯

    Johana BermudezJohana Bermudez14 dager siden
  • Olah raga tinju aq paling suka walaupun keras tpi selesai bisa berjabat tangan lagi.

    Nafik PurnomoNafik Purnomo15 dager siden
  • Гена мастер своего дела. Мужик.

    Platon YxvatovPlaton Yxvatov16 dager siden
  • Yes premature towell,this is boxing not k pop.

    s0n1c MOONs0n1c MOON19 dager siden
  • Well done to kell Brooks manager, or kell could of ended up with a smashed up face. But kell brook did well.

    Robert WilsonRobert Wilson19 dager siden
  • The envious puppy scilly flood because jump intialy gather times a envious richard. shrill, anxious diamond

    bigkast573bigkast57320 dager siden
  • respect brook he is a brave fighter

    daily dose of lame shitdaily dose of lame shit26 dager siden
  • Красава ✌️😉

    Денис ПетуховДенис Петухов27 dager siden
  • Short fight, but man it was a banger ! Props to Brook for taking the fight. What a crowd UK has, its just amazing.

    S SS S29 dager siden
  • GGG syper!!

    Gladiolus PGladiolus PMåned siden
  • Brook was actually doing well at first few rounds.

    I'm ChinoI'm ChinoMåned siden
  • Jab broke his eye lol

    Asha rAsha rMåned siden
  • Каждый бой Головкина красив, смотрится интересно в своих комбинациях, держит в напряжении непредвидемых событий.

    Oleg PopowOleg PopowMåned siden
  • GGG es un animal!!

    Rudy EnriqueRudy EnriqueMåned siden
  • Brawo Golowkin!!!

    Bartłomiej LechickiBartłomiej LechickiMåned siden
  • Triple g has a iron chin

    Andrew EspinoAndrew EspinoMåned siden
  • Юбенк красиво избегал боя ! Брука на мясо отправили

    Арыстан ТолегенАрыстан ТолегенMåned siden
  • Молодець Гена! 🙂

    Андрей СамойленкоАндрей СамойленкоMåned siden

    Леонид АлексеевЛеонид АлексеевMåned siden
  • gennadiy dont feel that guy

    Ермек БаспановЕрмек БаспановMåned siden
  • Геннадий вы лучший из лучших. 👏🙌🙌👏👍

    Светлана АнтоноваСветлана АнтоноваMåned siden
  • GGG is great boxer ,I really like the way he fights.

    Spike SpikeSpike SpikeMåned siden
    • He moves as a cat

      JC ZebiJC Zebi11 dager siden
  • His last prime years of fighting, he was a beast back then

    Kusum DahiyaKusum DahiyaMåned siden
  • Головкин клас

    Виталий ШевчукВиталий ШевчукMåned siden
  • Real boxer!

    Cristian BMCristian BMMåned siden
  • Triple G is slow 🐌

    Cesar EspinalCesar EspinalMåned siden
    • That's not what other fighters say. They say he's faster than he looks and very slick.

      Anthony PesqueiraAnthony PesqueiraMåned siden
  • Kell's mistake was allowing GGG to stalk him with power shots. Kell should have used his hand and foot speed to take the fight to GGG by attacking with double jabs and combinations at angles. Offense is his best defense. One cannot allow a power puncher to get comfortable attacking.

    Keith FordKeith FordMåned siden
  • yo, this lets you know how small golovkin is in the 160lb division. Brook looks bigger than him.

    MinG FuMinG FuMåned siden
  • Bagus

    Wayan JujurWayan JujurMåned siden
  • GGG!👹👹👹

    Mihai PopowihMihai Popowih2 måneder siden
  • Get hummed by 5G

    Ali AliAli Ali2 måneder siden
  • GGG girlfriend is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    KevinKevin2 måneder siden
  • Gggnque elegante hasta para caminar Un caballero dentro y fuera del ring

    Edwin YupanquiEdwin Yupanqui2 måneder siden
  • The beginning of the end for Kell Brook

    Jean KandeJean Kande2 måneder siden
  • It's emotional watching this knowing Kell brook was never the same fighter again.

    King K. RoolKing K. Rool2 måneder siden
  • Жал после поединка не показывали наставника кел брука который жвачку жевал до боя

    Laziz RustamovLaziz Rustamov2 måneder siden
  • ggg bogbog 2 ky paquiao

    noel christian burcenoel christian burce2 måneder siden
  • Brook looks very small

    Andres FigueroaAndres Figueroa2 måneder siden
  • To bad Ward took the money to move out the way AND vacate his belts, so GGG didn’t have to fight him. Woulda love to see ward crush hype job GGG. Still coulda happened but GGG kept dodging ward, saying he was “too big” 😂

    WorldFlexWorldFlex2 måneder siden
    • 👍👍✊✊

      Меиырымбек ЕрболатовМеиырымбек ЕрболатовMåned siden
  • Гена ты любимчик и гордость казахского народа, уважают все от мала до велика. Прошу не лезь в политику, ни в нуротан ни куда. Останься простым сыном своего народа. Удачи тебе.

    Oppo MobileOppo Mobile2 måneder siden
  • F

    Khady GueyeKhady Gueye2 måneder siden
  • Геныч,машина,просто супер

    Сергей МищенкоСергей Мищенко2 måneder siden
  • Tjngnan mo nangyari kay kell brook knck out basag ang bungo kayabangan kc kala nya kaya nia c ggg kaya pls sen manny wag n c ggg

    Roberto MalagarRoberto Malagar2 måneder siden
  • brook was doing alright... that uppercut defiantly hurt GGG

    • Nice uppercut but GGG control of this fight

      JC ZebiJC Zebi11 dager siden
  • Kell is scared of GGG power. Otherwise,...........

    Gon KongGon Kong2 måneder siden
  • sangat memuaskam

    asep suharaasep suhara2 måneder siden
  • Ggg has an iron chin.he proved that when he took the right hand of canelo very well.

    Jaypee Dela RosaJaypee Dela Rosa2 måneder siden
  • GGG is the best

    David AgungDavid Agung2 måneder siden
  • Who is watching 2021.

    Бисынып ЕркінбайБисынып Еркінбай2 måneder siden
  • 🏟👍

    Бисынып ЕркінбайБисынып Еркінбай2 måneder siden
  • 👍🇰🇿🙋‍♂️

    Наурыз ДжумахановНаурыз Джумаханов2 måneder siden
  • Gold time GGG

    Vitalii AlfavitskyiVitalii Alfavitskyi2 måneder siden
  • Геннадий отличный боксер Но зачем оостановили бой за явным преимуществом сомнительно

    Виктор КоротченкоВиктор Коротченко2 måneder siden
  • 👏👏👏👍👍👍❤🇷🇺

    Владимир ХудяковВладимир Худяков2 måneder siden
  • Головкин, красава, уважаю!!!

    Владимир ДужакВладимир Дужак2 måneder siden
  • Как приятно видеть Гену, счастливым, с тремя поясами на его торсе.!!! Так держать! Алга Казахстан!!!

    Mityay PolovMityay Polov3 måneder siden
    • Нам всем очень приятно видеть GGG Очень его уважаем.

      Светлана АнтоноваСветлана АнтоноваMåned siden
  • tell me Kell Brook does not look like the what is drugs guy

    Stick E. BallzStick E. Ballz3 måneder siden
  • Майкудук рулит! ✌️

    Виталий АгапкинВиталий Агапкин3 måneder siden
  • Гена обьязан победить канелу

    Qwer99 MQwer99 M3 måneder siden
  • NOcds gib me me dis enjoying dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

    Francis OdoFrancis Odo3 måneder siden
  • не надо злить Гену, порвёт мало не покажется 👊

    Аза КипшакАза Кипшак3 måneder siden
  • Гена делай как надо! Молодец!!!!

    Viktor EngelmannViktor Engelmann3 måneder siden
  • DAZN the best fight ever is the king of business and the king of boxing @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @floydmayweather (insta) in 2021 PLEASE! 👊 The press conference alone will be lit 🙏🙏

    Mark KravitzMark Kravitz3 måneder siden
  • гена красавчик

    Асель МаратовнаАсель Маратовна3 måneder siden

    Эшонхон МахмадкуловЭшонхон Махмадкулов3 måneder siden
  • Молодец!

    Винер ВинерВинер Винер3 måneder siden
  • Да пусть был бы до конца Гена бы полажил его ато недовольных много чето хотя мощный Бруг но Гена мощнее )))

    FINIKO КазахстанFINIKO Казахстан3 måneder siden
  • Геннадий Головкин супер чемпион,пока не поздно уходите на отдых,другим поколениям дай,уступи, пора на пенсию, возраст уже влияет

    Разия ИлжановаРазия Илжанова3 måneder siden
  • Гена .Боец ! С Большой Буквы

    Александр ХакасАлександр Хакас3 måneder siden
  • Remember

    Melquiades PandaanMelquiades Pandaan3 måneder siden
  • Гена, молодец! Респект и уважуха! Никогда не забывай что ты великий сын великого народа. Не надо подстраиваться под их игру. С 3 раунда я увидел Гену которого уважаю и люблю.

    Алексей ЛепчиковАлексей Лепчиков3 måneder siden
  • Гена Красава!!

    Ivan_RIvan_R3 måneder siden
  • Генадий, жарайсың! Керемет! Алға Қазақстан!

    Pink PowerPink Power3 måneder siden
  • GGG.Gut gemacht. Perfekt.

    Indach AndreyIndach Andrey3 måneder siden
  • Lost you brook,you lost.only GGG is champion,,

    Jarwo WoJarwo Wo3 måneder siden
  • Brok corner : I dont wanna you hurt baby

    Heru hermawanHeru hermawan3 måneder siden
  • No wonder canelo never wanted a 3rd fight he can’t beat ggg

    Jake EspunJake Espun3 måneder siden
    • @Luke Leo man how was the recent canelo fight i heard he was the best fighter in the world😂😂😂😂

      Jake EspunJake EspunMåned siden
    • @Luke Leo lol the deception is real

      Jake EspunJake EspunMåned siden
    • @Jake Espun oh I see your political person I'm dead

      Luke LeoLuke LeoMåned siden
    • @Jake Espun I saw masterpiece from canleo and slappy fighting from ggg

      Luke LeoLuke LeoMåned siden
    • @Luke Leo ?? Watch the fight and look at the score cards and punches landed and thrown ggg on top of canelo. Lol u seem to think there is no corruption in boxing im pretty sure ur a democrat.

      Jake EspunJake EspunMåned siden
  • 🇰🇿этот флаг станет знаменитым

    Данияр МолдажановДанияр Молдажанов3 måneder siden
  • This is why triple g is 80% hype job...spent his prime beating up smaller guys...and zero challenges above his natural weight....HES not a b level fighter but def. a b level champion.

    Etu MoldenEtu Molden3 måneder siden
    • Dude was avoided by everyone during his prime. What are you even talking about? Eubank Jr, Sergio Martinez, Quillin, Felix Sturm, Billy Jo Saunders, and even Canelo early on dropped a belt to avoid him. Now that hes 38 yrs old, people wanna step up? He beat Canelo in the first fight and in my opinion got a draw in the second. No wonder Alvarez keeps trying to avoid that 3rd fight. GGG may have to go to 168 to get him, but all the money fights are still at 160 with Charlo, Andrade, and possibly Munguia.

      Zero ToleranceZero Tolerance3 måneder siden
  • If u hit somebody and in result they drop then that is always a knockdown no matter what, or atleast it is supposed to be

    George RamosGeorge Ramos3 måneder siden
    • @Alex123 YT it dosent matter if a punch causes it then it’s supposed to be ruled a knockdown. For example when Floyd got revived a knockdown for touching the mat from a punch that didn’t effect him, just his hands hurt so bad, he revived a knockdown and that’s fair

      George RamosGeorge Ramos3 måneder siden
    • What if they slip on the edge of the ring or something like that

      Alex123 YTAlex123 YT3 måneder siden
  • Imagine fighting the undefeated champion who is a legit savage GGG from 147 to 160. You get absolutely smoked. Think you can take a bounce back fight against a young fighter.......who just so happens to be Errol Spence

    George RamosGeorge Ramos3 måneder siden
  • Credit to Brook for stepping up to MW to façe the monster that is GGG but this ended him as an elite force.

    Petyr KowalskiPetyr Kowalski3 måneder siden
  • I looking the people Didn't like GGG

    Баха ТоБаха То3 måneder siden
  • GGG 👍👍👍

    Руслан ПресняковРуслан Пресняков3 måneder siden
  • Умница. Гена!

    Александр КириленкоАлександр Кириленко3 måneder siden