FPL Deadline Stream Gameweek 31 | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

The FPL Gameweek 31 deadline is close, lets discuss all the last minute questions you have for Fantasy Premier League.
Let's lock in those last minute draft changes and get our final team selection in.
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  • Imagine if Alonso doesn’t start and Dallas scores two against City 😉

    Billy WalshBilly Walsh23 dager siden
    • Would be a nightmare! Although I still wouldn't have gotten Dallas' points!

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL23 dager siden
  • Praying that Veltman is benched or has a knock, Dallas first spot on the bench 🤞🤞

    Viral FootballViral Football23 dager siden
  • Cant believe Andy still have Gundogan and Vardy. We all know Pep likes to rotate and Vardy had not been performing for like 5 matches already.

    R4Y FoongR4Y Foong24 dager siden
    • "Still has Vardy" - I only owned him this week 😂

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL24 dager siden
  • He dropped Dallas for Alonso... He traded 17 points for 0... I feel so bad for Andy 😅 I hope the rest of your team saves it for you mate!

    RavRav24 dager siden
    • I benched dallas... played neto and Cresswell who both got injured early on... Brought out Lingard and ihenacho who both scored two... not my week

      Matti LaffortMatti Laffort24 dager siden
    • Yeah. He have 2 dead weights also in Gundo and Vardy. Both did nothing.

      R4Y FoongR4Y Foong24 dager siden
  • Dallas for Alonso andy.... RIP😭

    Ollie Lee-AmiesOllie Lee-Amies24 dager siden
  • Transfers down to the wire, play to the whistle !!!

    MM24 dager siden
  • Dude, your channel is way the best FPL channel. keep up the strong work .

    MM24 dager siden

    ferdie dsouzaferdie dsouza24 dager siden
  • 17 points on Dallas missed with that transfer 😬yikes

    Croissant PowerCroissant Power25 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL Yep, i played him on my bench with lingard and ihenacho

      Matti LaffortMatti Laffort24 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL fair enough

      Croissant PowerCroissant Power25 dager siden
    • Wouldn't have played him anyway 🤷‍♂️

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL25 dager siden
  • Dallas scores 2! 😁

    Raunak KoslaphiromRaunak Koslaphirom25 dager siden
    • Made my day 😂

      mujeeb tariqmujeeb tariq25 dager siden
    • 🤣

      Lucas BurnettLucas Burnett25 dager siden
  • I can’t believe Dallas has scored 2, he was on my third sub as well.😞

    Oscar VernèdeOscar Vernède25 dager siden
  • Legend Andy hope it works out for you even though I haven't got Alonso 🤣

    Jason SmithJason Smith25 dager siden
  • Good punt, Andy, your game is your game, those idiots cannot make a choice without you, just could not swallow so fast

    Edi ShulgaEdi Shulga25 dager siden
  • My grandmom used to say: "Don't let idiots ruin your day Andy!"

    KKGMKKGM25 dager siden
  • 2 hours talking about picks, but people still asking the same stupid questions about their teams. Sorry, I can't watch.

    David chill guyDavid chill guy25 dager siden
  • “I feel a bit sick”.... “be nice to me” hahaha killed me... you deserve a like on every stream just based on this stream. Best of luck Andy!

    Liam BondinLiam Bondin25 dager siden
  • Bunch of tits copying your squad.

    MicckeyMolMicckeyMol25 dager siden
  • 300 unlikes because they didn’t have time to copy the moves. Sad fucks. I died laughing hard.

    KING SISQOKING SISQO25 dager siden
  • You're obsessed with Palace being bad, but they have 38 points and are very hard to beat. Where does it come from? It's constant!

    Ross FillRoss Fill25 dager siden
    • I can’t watch it. I’ve put the IPL on ha! I also hate when you don’t want your team to score because you have one of the opposing teams defenders.

      Ross FillRoss Fill25 dager siden
    • And there's another 2...

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL25 dager siden
    • Defensively. 48 goals conceded in 30 games is pretty bad.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL25 dager siden
  • Andy "well nobody as good fixtures to end the season..........well.............Dallas" 😂 Andy this is going to come back and hurt you. I would back Brighton, west ham, city, arsenal, Leicester to score against Chelsea

    John ChappellJohn Chappell25 dager siden
    • He can always transfer Dallas back in

      Matthew HiapMatthew Hiap25 dager siden
  • When you unlike a like ‘Andhe’ gains more likes, green arrow for Andy, yippee!

    John StevensJohn Stevens25 dager siden
  • I completely missed the deadline. I have the official FPL calendar imported into my calendar and I guess they didn't update it from tomorrow to TODAY!

    Brad BumgarnerBrad Bumgarner26 dager siden
  • I did Dawson to Alonso

    Aakash PatelAakash Patel26 dager siden
  • Andy with the wee curse you can tell he's been spending time in Ireland

    Adam CAdam C26 dager siden
  • Come on Wolves I have so much faith in you, You can beat fulham keep a cs and also neto hatrick easy

    Adam CAdam C26 dager siden
  • If you are reading this you better give this stream a like!!!! Do it for ANDY!!!!

    Adrian MazurAdrian Mazur26 dager siden
  • Absolutely loved it Andy!

    Robb GhagRobb Ghag26 dager siden
  • ...

    Erfan FarahaniErfan Farahani26 dager siden
  • I hope Aguero has the legs as I’ve bought him in for a -4

    KeefclimbsKeefclimbs26 dager siden
    • I hope he’ll be fine. He was my next move in if Werner dies bad this gw

      KING SISQOKING SISQO25 dager siden
  • Loved that last ten minutes

    waveywaveywaveywavey26 dager siden
    • this is why we come here moment of gold

      Adam CAdam C26 dager siden
  • i missed deadline😭😭😭😭😭

    Rhys DawesRhys Dawes26 dager siden
    • @William Semere cheers😂 i hope so

      Rhys DawesRhys Dawes26 dager siden
    • @Rhys Dawes I hope your old team was fine, you will do fine fam trust, fpl is a bitch 😂😂 you may do better than us

      William SemereWilliam Semere26 dager siden
    • still watching the vid tho

      Rhys DawesRhys Dawes26 dager siden
  • Iheanacho or Mount to start😬?

    Jermaine LintonJermaine Linton26 dager siden
    • I benched iheanacho to start Wood

      William SemereWilliam Semere26 dager siden
  • I'm doing Alonso captain!

    Match StickMatch Stick26 dager siden
  • The people that removed their likes or complain at the end are a bunch of sad losers. Make your own decisions that’s what FPL is all about FFS!!!!

    Matthew HiapMatthew Hiap26 dager siden
  • 1:29:39. Come back later, this moment will make Andy win FPL.

    Lucas FajardoLucas Fajardo26 dager siden
    • Well maybe keeping Dallas would’ve been a good idea 😂😂

      Croissant PowerCroissant Power25 dager siden
    • Imagine Alonso goes of injured with 1 point and then West Ham win 1-0 with a Dawson goal..

      Croissant PowerCroissant Power26 dager siden
  • Lmao we all liked the stream after Andy lost those likes!

    Adam SidatAdam Sidat26 dager siden
    • I've been planning my team all week and these just want to copy Andy its mad

      Adam CAdam C26 dager siden
    • 300 absolute idiots 😂

      EddyEddy26 dager siden
  • 1:56:25 the drama starts

    Lucas FajardoLucas Fajardo26 dager siden
  • Andy you legend. Loved the stream. Incoming Alonso 30 pointer. Convinced me to get him on my WC last min

    Lucas FajardoLucas Fajardo26 dager siden
    • Alonso be lucky to start after last week. but if he does you could get 20 points

      Adam CAdam C26 dager siden
    • Sure hope so I brought him in this week as well on wc.

      DarkRunner94DarkRunner9426 dager siden
    • Same, said goodbye to Rudiger quickly 😂

      William SemereWilliam Semere26 dager siden