FORGOTTEN 1970 Evinrude Skeeter Snowmobile - Will It Run? Part 2

Part 2 of 2: This 1970 Evinrude Skeeter Snowmobile is beggin' to be put back in the snow. What started off as a quick "let's get it run and bang some ditches", got a little sidetracked with a budget refresh. This machine ended up looking, and running great! Watch it come back to live!

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  • How much orange paint ended up on that beautiful 'vette! I would have moved it. Great videos, always laugh all the way through, thanks!

    Chris BrownChris Brown3 dager siden
  • Zip ties come in handy for a feller to put on the fuel lines. Love the channel!

    Happy TrailsHappy Trails4 dager siden
  • Great resto. I make my own ski runners for the old sleds using cold roll steel and weld a few bolts or all thread for studs. You can put some beads of weld on the bottom to act as a carbide.

    Mark MacDonaldMark MacDonald4 dager siden
  • When I hear evinrude and skeeter, I think of bass boats and outboards, certainly not a snow machine, cool unit though.

    jcnpresserjcnpresser6 dager siden
  • You can tell the man has a soft spot for snow machines, he’s even welded new metal and gonna fix the brakes! No car gets that kind of love.

    jcnpresserjcnpresser6 dager siden
  • Cool little putt putt!!

    Andy BeaugrandAndy Beaugrand7 dager siden
  • The truck has been sitting without a front end for a long time - when are you going to finish that? Also, how is Independence coming?

    kirk brownkirk brown10 dager siden
  • you can always make your own carbides by using thin rebar

    James BowesJames Bowes11 dager siden
  • we own one just yours, but not driven since the early 1980´s. ours have the original front windscreen still in place, much larger then yours thou, WTF is about the 3" mock-up you made? you don´t have bugs during wintertime in the US? or you just haven't seen "30 days of night"? Edit; by the way, i live en Sweden.

    E GE G13 dager siden
  • Blue smoke rules!!! Come on 2t😉

    diego lorentediego lorente14 dager siden
  • yep she,s a goin to town rig fershure

    WB2DXWB2DX16 dager siden
  • Just a Big Kid with a new toy...enjoy you did!

    Robert ConeRobert Cone17 dager siden
  • Do a ski doo elan

    Daniel OlsonDaniel Olson17 dager siden
  • More Mobilesnowskis, please

    Cee GeeCee Gee19 dager siden
  • You didn't by chance figure out something else unique about those opposed engines did you? They both have to fire at the same time. Why? The fuel pump and reed valve share a common crankcase with both pistons and couldn't work if they alternated (also why there are two ignition coils - one for each piston and sharing common primary circuit wires).

    wdmm94wdmm9421 dag siden
  • I'll bet it's kind of low sitting in that seat. The slightly newer ones had a raised frame that the seat was hinged to which also served as a tool box.

    wdmm94wdmm9421 dag siden
  • You should also get a Johnson Ski Horse. The last OMC made sleds had more typical side by side twins or a wankel rotary engine (mid 70's).

    wdmm94wdmm9421 dag siden
  • Make your own wear rods and hard surface rod weld them.

    wdmm94wdmm9421 dag siden
  • Derek, love the sled videos. Growing up on a farm in western Canada we rode old sleds as kids and now 150+ HP sleds. I also work on old Japanese bikes 70s 80s . You must run across old bikes too. Be cool to see ya tackle an old bike. I am sure there are old bikes and sleds in sheds all over like Canada. Carbs gum up and then they sit for ever. Favorite channel. Great content with comedy and real info.

    vinmangtvinmangt22 dager siden
  • Awesome!!

    Tom HaginTom Hagin24 dager siden
  • Come on. Let's go. Stop stalling. We wanna see it go. Just kidding. Good job.

    Alex TAlex T24 dager siden
  • Seeing the seat at the end, just really brought it all home. She deserved a new skin. Such a cool resto brought back some old memories riding my buddies snow mobiles we thought were vintage 20 years ago. Now they’re antiques!

    atamagashockatamagashock24 dager siden
  • Old bicycle trick for installing grips just use compressed air

    scott profittscott profitt24 dager siden
  • Wear bars can be made from 3/8 or 1/2 “ square stock. Works better for steering than round bars. Pop on two studs to bolt up through the ski.I salvaged mine from an old wrought iron railing I drilled two holes and tapped them 1/4x20 and used threaded rod to make studs. Ends of square stock can be rounded to fit in the ski and bending the ends to match the profile of the ski with a little heat and a bench vise. Not only will they steer better but also last longer depending on the thickness you use. I made a set years ago and they worked great !!

    Made in FoxtrapMade in Foxtrap25 dager siden
  • mak your own rummers for ski electric fence post or rebar works great lttle grind to take the edge off renar last for ever and we do alot of snowmobiling here ontario canada

    wacked canadianwacked canadian25 dager siden
  • Use old trunk springs from a car and weld bolts to them for runners

    Aaron LangilleAaron Langille25 dager siden
  • that center console hatch pulls open so you can access the rear cylinder plug easier

    FreightDawgFreightDawg27 dager siden
  • Never been on a snow machine and probably never will be here in south Arkansas just not a lot of need for them. Still watched both episodes all the way through. Great content.

    Don CoonDon Coon28 dager siden
  • You know, a guy might get motivated to fix his own crap after watching your content.

    Rick GilmoreRick Gilmore28 dager siden
  • I cut my thumb right down to the thigh

    nickacelvnnickacelvnMåned siden
  • Fun old sled

    Rodney ShortRodney ShortMåned siden
  • only thing that would worry me a bit with the kiddos is that the steering seems more like a suggestion than an actual input I'm sure they will still love it jut hope they don't drive through a fence.

    mcdon8873mcdon8873Måned siden
  • When this Floridian (who had never seen snow) got stationed up in Baudette, MN in 1985, I bought a mint 1970 Johnson Skee Horse from a neighbor for $500. That was the first of many snowmobiles I owned from 1985 until I started spending winters back "home" in Florida 8 years ago and was probably the most enjoyed snowmobile of them all. The kids loved it and it was perfect for pulling a sled around the property. Seeing this video and part 1 makes me wish I still had that ol' girl...

    Digital DanDigital DanMåned siden
  • Also, my apologies for spelling your name wrong. Damn predictive-text!!!

    A RA RMåned siden
  • Best channel on the inter-webs!!!! With that out of the way, these old sleds are great for their historical value and nostalgic appeal, but they are pure garbage to ride. boy we grew up on all the old Ski-Doos (my Dad was a Ski-Doo dealer for years) and although we had fun, take a ride on a modern day sled and you won’t wanna go near an older one for even one spin. But I know you know that Derek

    A RA RMåned siden
  • If in it ain't me 😀

    sirreal6sirreal6Måned siden
  • 20:20 - Nearly universal clamps for small hoses like

    PhattyMoPhattyMoMåned siden
  • I love these older the early 90s when my friends were running fancy things like Phazer IIs, I was still on my '78 Enticer 340 with a 440 swap...they were faster, but I way more maneuverable, could do wheelies, and pull myself out of a ditch without getting a hernia. I eventually upgraded to an '80 SS 440 (silver and blue), miss that one too...

    microbuildermicrobuilderMåned siden
  • this was a great video, love the humor. i won't lie , when you are serious its engaging and good information. Great channel

    William AcklandWilliam AcklandMåned siden
  • That thing sounds like a back pack blower mixed with a small flying apparatus lol.

    Casey GunnCasey GunnMåned siden
  • I could be goin through a really bad panic attack, out of all of my subscriptions, I can put on one of your videos, I'm fine within minutes! Just wanna say great job, and thank you for all your efforts.

    Casey GunnCasey GunnMåned siden
  • That paint matched really close! Man I've went back and watched all your videos, huge fan.

    Casey GunnCasey GunnMåned siden
  • Awsome....

    Slim WantedManSlim WantedManMåned siden
  • that snowmopile must have a yousonofa motor in it ............. pulls the rip chord and yells come on start yousonofa

    matt millsmatt millsMåned siden
  • Favorite grip install sause is hair spray the more warning on the can the better

    Thomas CooleyThomas CooleyMåned siden
  • looks like fun! so cool to see that thing run again.

    Shocking PinkShocking PinkMåned siden
  • I use cheap hairspray for grips and things like intercooler pipes. Slick as a freshly shaved dolphin and sticks really well when dry. If you need to remove it, just warm water.

    Korence StankieKorence StankieMåned siden
  • I live in southwestern NM (that's MN backwards :] ) & will likely never ride a snow machine, but I watched this episode all the way through & have no regrets for doing so. Always entertaining!! That is a testament to Mr. Derek's/VGG's ability to attract viewers, deliver great content, & keep us coming back for more. Keep on keepin' on!

    KA 63KA 63Måned siden
  • Great music on your channel. Love the variety today. I’ve never worked on a vehicle in my life but I guess I’m here to learn. Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods, Bad Obsession Motor Sport and now from Vice Grip Garage! Rock on Derek. I’m here for ya.

    Chris C.Chris C.2 måneder siden
  • Jazzy 👍

    michael bedellmichael bedell2 måneder siden
  • You just brought back a lot memories. Thanks !

    JBJB2 måneder siden
  • Just found this I just restored 1967 Johnson you have to make your own ware rods they don't make then anymore

    Paul FontePaul Fonte2 måneder siden
  • This reminds me of my Dad's 1970 Johnson Skee-Horse 437 wide track. The seat flipped open to reveal a storage compartment. Always kept a few spare belts and some tools in it. It had quite the appetite for belts. The opposed twin did sound different from any other sled. It was good to hear one run again. Thank you!

  • I want it

    thecaserthecaser2 måneder siden
  • Oh the mood music! This is too much. hahahaha

    Steve HamburgSteve Hamburg2 måneder siden
  • Take your time,no need to rush!

    Brent WillisBrent Willis2 måneder siden
  • @23.55 I used to have to do that to my Honda Express 50cc scooter to start it when it was cold, but there was a little pipe off the motor. I looked pretty stupid doing that leaving college at 10PM, blowing my scooter to get it to start!

    Steve WanderSteve Wander2 måneder siden
  • I'd be happy to be a passenger on that with it's fancy pipe hand warmers and when the engine quits like they always do then you can put your magic carpet under the track and tow it home.

    r vr v2 måneder siden
  • That visor is spot on

    Branson LynchBranson Lynch2 måneder siden
  • I’m really happy that on the first start with its own tank and all, it started just like every other sled built before 2015. Just wouldn’t be right if it popped off every time.

    4btguy4btguy2 måneder siden
  • You can't find metal rod and weld some screws on the ends for your skies?

    wcemichaelwcemichael2 måneder siden
  • Whilst a guy is recovering from whiplash he is enjoying these snowmobile videos after watching all the others..

    nick stonesnick stones2 måneder siden
  • Love the overhaul. Get a ratcheting auto cut zip tie gun instead of the clamps. They work.... 🥸👍

    Michael FeddelerMichael Feddeler3 måneder siden
  • "I think that looks sharper than a-cute 'pendicitis"

    Saskboy KSaskboy K3 måneder siden
  • weld some 1/4 inch rebar to bottom middle of them skis it will turn a lot better. make some runners for it

    A. B.A. B.3 måneder siden
  • For the wear bars under your skis (we used to call them skags) we would go to the local junk yard and open up the trunks and pull out the little torsion rods they used as springs to hold up the trunk lids. They are made out of spring steel and came in different diameters depending on the car. Bring home a bunch for $5 bucks, cut to length, bend the ends up to fit in the slots and weld a bolt on to secure into the bolt hole. We could build 20 sets in a couple hours for $5.

  • Needs one of those 'Blind you when you Meet in the Roadway' LED Lights on it... Maybe one of those Giant Lightbars? Nothing can beat LED Lights, on the Snowfall, on a Dark Cold Night...... Plus, if your Snowmobile Fails, you can always Flag down a Plane at 30k Feet, using some Morse Code.

    Kam EdwardsKam Edwards3 måneder siden
  • That is why Women wear makeup and not just Spray Tans.... "Ready for Love".... Like the Indian Kaste and the Pretty Family.. "Knocked out and looking Pretty.."

    Kam EdwardsKam Edwards3 måneder siden
  • Love the Buick too

    Bobby DawsonBobby Dawson3 måneder siden
  • Ohhh that takes me back! What a great machine! I have a story about a Skidoo, a Scottish blizzard and not one but two on duty, blister pissed policemen... no really only one of them could stand... oh yes and a broken house power generator fuel line. Apart from that everything was fine.

    Stuart NimmoStuart Nimmo3 måneder siden
  • That little thing goes!

    Jeremy PatinJeremy Patin3 måneder siden
  • 👍

    Sirk DopsahSirk Dopsah3 måneder siden
  • It may sound somewhat counter intuitive to introduce water into your fuel system, but when you have tight poly hose going onto a barb you can run it under hot water or soak it in an electric kettle to make the hose softer and more payable and easier to go on. Instead of the micro torch which you clearly stated, and have experienced, can cause pin holes and FIRE. Although majestic, that's not always the best thing...

    Allegheny River RatAllegheny River Rat3 måneder siden
  • A guy likes the vintage sled thingamajiggy videohoo whatchamacallits

    Shayne Patrick HayesShayne Patrick Hayes3 måneder siden
  • this is now and always will be, my favorite youtube channel. Thanks for being so awesome guy.

    Chuggy HuggyChuggy Huggy3 måneder siden
  • Love your channel and content but I’m not sure I want to thank people for fighting bankers wars.

    Banned ListBanned List3 måneder siden
  • Norwegian quality :D

    Instant PirateInstant Pirate3 måneder siden
  • The carcasses of some of those machines are still out in those woods and we hope to have another party that a guy can remember your channel is a good inspiration to make it happen again miss those skeeters

    Ralph PetersRalph Peters3 måneder siden
  • I swear to whatever it is I swear to...cold snacks, maybe? I digress, everytime "MOSES SANDLES!" comes out, I laugh.

    Matthew BMatthew B3 måneder siden
  • As far as the rods for the skies, I have a stick welder and hardening rods, i just take some off the shelf rond stock bend and mount them then run a couple of beads down the length of the round stock and forget about them.

    Can't B youCan't B you3 måneder siden
  • I got a 78 Jag that could use someone to bring it back around. All you gotta do is come snag it out of the old garage.

    Seth RuuskaSeth Ruuska3 måneder siden
    • Shouldn't be to far away. Since your a Sota resident also

      Seth RuuskaSeth Ruuska3 måneder siden
  • I am so sick of the ad with the twins and plans. I'm starting to hate you tube

    AWRAWR3 måneder siden
  • One day, if I am lucky, I will meet Jessica. Must be a good woman who supports such an artist

    Christoff KoekemoerChristoff Koekemoer3 måneder siden
  • Just a quick question. If you don't mind. I know you never want to know how the magic happens. But could you, if you want to, make a short video, and tell us how you came to know all these things that you know. So much knowledge, so many uninformed guys(and girls if we want to be all PC)..I mean, I just want know and stuff

    Christoff KoekemoerChristoff Koekemoer3 måneder siden
  • I have seen guys weld a steel rod along the ski runners ,to get by..

    marc wilkenmarc wilken3 måneder siden
  • That seat is amazing !!! Did Jessica do that? WOW !!! I am impressed. GREAT JOB !!!

    John SmithJohn Smith3 måneder siden
  • Ever use corroseal?

    Scott ThomasScott Thomas4 måneder siden
  • Also, for metal tanks like this one -- if you have the patience, just drain the tank and fill it with vinegar (removed from the sled of course, you don't want vinegar in your fuel system). Let it sit a week. It will be clean when you dump and rinse it.

    Mike KohnMike Kohn4 måneder siden
  • try using some square stock to make the skegs works good just weld that bolt in middle or use three bolts one on each end also

    N.S. MURRAYN.S. MURRAY4 måneder siden
  • You've done an do a Merc Model 250ER!

    Mike KohnMike Kohn4 måneder siden
  • Great video thanx. Keep them coming.

    hannes viljoenhannes viljoen4 måneder siden
  • Your hands must feel like sandpaper. A guy and his kid need gloves.

    marjorie030758marjorie0307584 måneder siden
  • Do you do these to sell or where would I look for something like this one in Montana or close by. 70 and just need something cheap but dependable to check wolf traps up mountain roads and trails . I'm just a putter , pulling a small slay for traps or hopefully a 110lb wolf ?

    Tim RossTim Ross4 måneder siden
  • Runs like the north wind 😂😂😂

    EvanEvan4 måneder siden
  • The Black filter wrapped w a chicken wire like wire .you showed during video .A Guy could find mat type filter material ( On Master Carr.comp ) like one uses on a large air Dryer for compressors (.I/R uses a mat about 1-1/2" thick ) Not sure if you ever ordered fr. Thst site it's a online Catologe Have pretty much Everything fr Soup to Most stuff if ordered before 2pm Deliver in 2 days..

    Sugar BearSugar Bear4 måneder siden
  • ummm i can just smell that 2 smoker from here! 2 stroke lifer here!!

    Rob MassicotteRob Massicotte4 måneder siden
  • So awesome Derek it came out nice and slot of great info as well.

    Scott LeiningerScott Leininger4 måneder siden
  • It really does sound similar to an outboard boat motor. i was going to say how crazy that is, but it is Evinrude. I had no idea they made anything sleds.

    Bert HammahBert Hammah4 måneder siden
  • Blow starting a snowmobile. I have seen everything.

    Joe GeeJoe Gee4 måneder siden
  • Evinrude's steer a lot better in the water.

    Ralph ShawRalph Shaw4 måneder siden