Extending Dining Table Build - One-Man Woodworking Shop - Shot With Nikon 4K

This extending dining table was one of the toughest woodworking projects I've ever taken on. I partnered with Nikon to make this video on the Nikon Z 6II which, as you can see, seriously upped my video quality. In the end, I made an extendable walnut dining table that goes from 108" (275cm) to 140" (355cm) with two continuous grain (mostly) leaf extensions to make it a totally functional expanding table. When not in use there is no visible hardware, screws, or brackets that get in the way of daily use. The wood I used is locally salvaged black walnut. I used two sequential slabs, also referred to as a bookmatch. Bookmatched tables form a symmetrical, mirror image of each other and are my favorite style of table. You could take everything applied to this table and use it with your own DIY live edge table project. Whether it was a bookmatched live edge table or a single slab natural edge table, this continuous grain leaf extension would work.

0:00 Intro
2:35 Festool Domino Glue-up
4:47 Filling Cracks With Epoxy
7:33 Awkward Table Flip (attempt)
8:39 Patchwork inlay
10:47 Large Slab Flattening
12:20 C-Channel Inlay
14:25 Bow Tie/Dutchman Joint Inlay
17:58 Table Leaf Extension
20:06 Huge Mistake...
24:00 Filling Small Holes in Epoxy
24:40 Finishing With Rubio Monocoat
26:05 Steel Plate Table Base
28:50 Table Installation Day
30:04 Comment of The Week

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Items used in this video:
Nikon Z 6II: amzn.to/3vNdfHV
24-70 2.8 lens: amzn.to/3ccgRM7
C-Channels: conceptthirteen.ca?ref=btjrt2...
Threaded Inserts: C-channels: conceptthirteen.ca?ref=btjrt2...
Festool Domino: amzn.to/3uFdovO
Pipe Clamps: amzn.to/3vNq598
Parallel Clamps: amzn.to/3wTQWRe
Deep Throat Clamps: amzn.to/3vKHPSM
Wood Glue: amzn.to/2TCzrXf
Gluebot: amzn.to/3ceEhjJ
Sandpaper storage: amzn.to/3g0IFFv
Glue roller: amzn.to/3z0gUnI
Epoxy for cracks: amzn.to/3c9SRJd
Vacuum Clamps: amzn.to/3wVmR3s
Festool Router: amzn.to/3fKVsM5
Chisels: bluesprucetoolworks.com/colle...
Rubio monocoat: amzn.to/2Rv9eci
Aluminum Extrusion: amzn.to/3cd0uPm
Furniture bolts: amzn.to/34KnPnn
Trim router: amzn.to/3cdOHAe
Buffer: amzn.to/34E8uop
Mafell Track Saw: www.timberwolftools.com/mafel...
Festool Track Saw: www.festoolusa.com/products/s...

Instagram: @blacktailstudio blacktailst...
facebook: blacktailstu...




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    • You can adjust how fast or slow it focuses. I’m learning

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      Blacktail StudioBlacktail Studio2 dager siden
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    • Outdoor is tough. I’d look for an aluminum fabricator

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    • I added links in the description for ya

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    • Thanks Jake!

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    DrDapperDrDapper8 dager siden
    • @Blacktail Studio drive.google.com/file/d/1TimomSoOBbdKNNmRQDjtwR7xWozjBHQE/view?usp=drivesdk

      DrDapperDrDapper7 dager siden
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