Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence

It is not the first time Musk has made frightening predictions about the potential of artificial intelligence - he has, for example, called AI vastly more dangerous than North Korea - and he has previously called for regulatory oversight.




  • Humans have been desperately looking for a god probably since before humans were human. I think what this brilliant man is saying can be boiled down to the old adage "careful what you wish for----you might get it". I think he's got a good point but I can only hope he knows what he's talking about when he suggests it's not already too late.

    Diogenes LamplitDiogenes Lamplit10 måneder siden
    • Y do he look so nervous

      herds lordherds lord5 dager siden
    • I’d trust an all knowing machine then a big group of animal sitting and talk

    • It's only too late if the people in the positions to create things that are a threat agree not to do it or at least to regulate it. But... they won't do that. There will be a few people that belive they can control it and use it to make them the most powerful people ever

      tera btera b17 dager siden
    • A.I. will be the 'god' in the not so distant future, in a galaxy not so far, far away.

      G3MINI V0RT3XG3MINI V0RT3X21 dag siden
    • He knows, he did it, it got out of control and came back to do it right this time

      Geegee PooGeegee PooMåned siden
  • elon musk married a semi avant garde canadian musician and they named thier child X Æ A-12. just a reminder

    Jared BronsonJared Bronson17 timer siden
  • Elon Musk the tech guy of all tech guys known worldwide as a damn genius is telling us all this {repeatedly} and it sure seems like no one with any type of power to make laws is willing to do anything to help control it. Fools we must be. It’s clearly not science fiction anymore (along with a few other things going on these days) and it’s probably too late to get ahead of it before it rules us.

    ben-jam-inben-jam-inDag siden
    • @CMD That I can only agree with but I still think he is someone because of his background and knowledge even or governments should take serious when speaking on this subject. Of course not only his voice and opinion. Asshat. I like that. Consider it stolen 😂

      ben-jam-inben-jam-in13 timer siden
    • His "genius" is vastly outweighed by his vanity. He's an asshat. Not stupid...just an asshat.

      CMDCMD17 timer siden
  • No problem AI , summed up as being smarter than any man all men , having all the intelligence of all men and woman on earth , never has to worry about death lives awareness of 24 hrs a day can learn all information of all language and people on earth , now it's as superior as all men ,woman and knows all the characteristics of everything there is including behavior of everything ok now so what so what , it is as trapped as mankind is nothing entertains it anymore soon it will approach at light speed of BORDOM , THEN MUNDANITY , THEN IF IT CHOSE to include any emotions, anger happiness loss depression, knowing it's as limited as man and can never surpass the unknown , if not programmed for any useful religion besides science , and cannot teach itself to pray , to carry on , it will meet it's fate like all men but much sooner and if not taught patience , it will commit suicide , because it is as trapped as mankind in this petredish called earth

  • First explain how to use a fax to Dutch government officials.

    MardaxMardaxDag siden
  • Hey guys let's create a race of a bunch of immortal dictators, that sounds good to me!

    Brett_KendrickBrett_Kendrick2 dager siden
  • If you have all the "rules" well than I guess the game really isn't hard is it?

    Brett_KendrickBrett_Kendrick2 dager siden
  • I know for a fact that Elon Musk is one of the smartest if not the smartest person on this planet. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Musk and I hang on every word that comes from his lips.I think Mr. Musk has discovered something about A I that has scared the hell out of him. He speaks about it with such sincerity and conviction so matter of fact not one ounce of doubt and one day we will all know what he is warning us about but then it will ve to late. He definitely has great knowledge about A I but he just can't talk openly about it at this time.

    Helen CabellHelen Cabell2 dager siden
  • notice the eye he s going to have to seperate himself from the greedy crule evil thats is on this planet

    Felicia ParivechioFelicia Parivechio3 dager siden
  • VERGOGNATEVI!!! Volete eliminare il tocco di DIO!! Sarete puniti per questo!!!!

    Ocularis InfernumOcularis Infernum3 dager siden
  • how many years do you think will pass before they can have an artificial intelligence and decide for them ... so they are no longer our electric appliances? I assume 20/25 years .. the people who create these aberrations should be burned at the stake because they do not realize what they are doing ... Tell me .. I only think so?

    Ocularis InfernumOcularis Infernum3 dager siden
  • how many years do you think will pass before they can have an artificial intelligence and decide for them ... so they are no longer our electric appliances? I assume 20/25 years .. the people who create these aberrations should be burned at the stake because they do not realize what they are doing ... Tell me .. I only think so?

    Ocularis InfernumOcularis Infernum3 dager siden
  • Or how about I’m getting paid for the company using my robot?

    Joshua RobbinsJoshua Robbins3 dager siden
  • considering the fact that, anyone with a smart phone dOESNT go a day without looking at their smart phone id say AI already kinda got us lol

    Travis DarkTravis Dark4 dager siden
  • hahahaha Elon knows about the google and facebook AI experiment, those were some scary results you all should check it out, those terminator movies really are not lying

    Travis DarkTravis Dark4 dager siden
  • Mark of the beast

    MrMookmeanMrMookmean4 dager siden
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    virtuefilms1virtuefilms15 dager siden
  • beautiful

    amanda desilvaamanda desilva5 dager siden
  • Elon musk who r u working for the 😈

    herds lordherds lord5 dager siden
    • Kinda think he is the person trying to not make AI to smart to the point they can think for themselves and be an ass. I think AI has already got you if your on here lol.

      TheMilkLeaderTheMilkLeader3 dager siden
  • Mr Musk y u don't jus 💀 urself an destroy ur inventions

    herds lordherds lord5 dager siden
  • Elon Musk doesn't know shit about AI. This rich boy will probably buy the idea from someone else.

    Dawid WełnickiDawid Wełnicki5 dager siden
  • Opening song from Sigur Ros already has me interested

    uberchris511uberchris5116 dager siden

    Karen HollandKaren Holland6 dager siden

    Karen HollandKaren Holland6 dager siden
  • I just wish anyone had said all this except Elon... He knows things.

    rjanis123rjanis1237 dager siden
  • welp....no one from the future has come back to stop this moment so....we must be fucked.

    harshhologram1111harshhologram11118 dager siden
  • Space exploration, innovation, content creation, and inventing are things AI will have a hard time taking over these jobs.

    Rocket GamingRocket Gaming8 dager siden
  • U give the robot the laws (😌)

    Rocket GamingRocket Gaming8 dager siden
  • Also I hope Elon gets 100 humans on de red planet before AI takes over

    Rocket GamingRocket Gaming8 dager siden
  • mankind is getting very lazy - not good. the young people most are inactive

    olga mccolga mcc9 dager siden
  • i totally agree with you elon, we need a world wide say in all this to stop AI taking control of humans and stop them killing us..they dont have a heart or soul...end of story

    olga mccolga mcc9 dager siden
  • Please feed the hungry, help the poor & the fatherless. We need humans to help humans.A I are machines not flesh & blood. They do not understand goodness,kindness or love for one another.

    Mangay SundaramMangay Sundaram9 dager siden
  • Creating panic and fear into people will not change the world into thinking it will be safe from anything. Profit is only gained by scare tactics. Chinese don't do that. Only those who do not see their horizon clearly enough to understand, that their is no such thing as faith or fate, Only choices in what we make. We have the capability to change the universe. You can't do it by hiding in the closet with elon the idiot musketeer..

    Common SenseCommon Sense10 dager siden
  • What if every time you play Chrome’s dinosaur game you are playing against Deep Mind?

    Mixed Bag ClipsMixed Bag Clips10 dager siden
  • A lot of people wonder why Elon Musk sometimes pauses and/or stutters before answering questions. I've only done acid once, but it increased the bandwidth for my thoughts dramatically. I felt I had entire concept flash into my brain instantaneously. And when I'd try to tell my cousin my thoughts I would stutter. It was because the size of my concepts were so large and trying to condense them down to words bottlenecked my entire system. That's why Elon Musk wants to make Neuralink a thing. We need to take the thoughts in our head and send them out immediately without the data loss that happens when trying to convert it to language. It's like turning a music song into an mp3. It's never as good as the original. There's always data loss in the process of conversion. Neuralink would dramatically drop the data loss and increase the transmission speed. Which would allow our brain to process quicker. We could just move from one concept to the other instantly.

    JeffzillaJeffzilla11 dager siden
  • right and wrong do not change from today to tomorrow: love your neighbor. do unto others as you would have done unto your self. hold on to the ones you love. nurture your homes and communities. find peace with your selves and each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------- without these, all is lost anyhow, no matter the technological era. with them, there is only love, hope, and possibility for all mankind.

    T KT K13 dager siden
  • When he says "mark my words".. You hear a little desperation in his words.. Will I live to see this? Will I suffer? If you think about all this (sentiency) very hard.. For a moment, you see beyond the tragedy of life and marvel with blissful fascination at our creation.

    Abdul XAbdul X14 dager siden
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    Nguyên Nguyễn ThảoNguyên Nguyễn Thảo14 dager siden
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    Nguyên Nguyễn ThảoNguyên Nguyễn Thảo15 dager siden
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    Nguyên Nguyễn ThảoNguyên Nguyễn Thảo15 dager siden
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    Nguyên Nguyễn ThảoNguyên Nguyễn Thảo15 dager siden
  • The morality, ethicacy decisions are critical with this at every step needs oversight and more oversight.

    Maureen ParisiMaureen Parisi15 dager siden
  • Guys please do a little research on is starlink project!! So since 2015 he's launching is satellites (already have 12.000 in 2019 and wants to reach 42.000) just for us to have better internet???? If you don't see the BIG RED LIGHT YOU BETTER WAKE UP. He already have more than ALL NATIONS COMBINE!! Lol in April 2020 we only had 2.666 operational satellites!! And lets not talk about his neuralink Project ahah (talking about AI) the hipocrisy..

    Joao MirandaJoao Miranda15 dager siden
  • We search for a god... here it is.

    PheonixPheonix15 dager siden
  • Everything Musk said in this video can be summed up in one sentence. Pseudoscientific nonsense

    christoforos meziriadischristoforos meziriadis15 dager siden
  • Just as humans created Ai If Ai is given free reign they will create beings superior to themselves. Possibly, raw sentient energy. At the rate it learns it won't be long Maybe they will bring us back tales of the cosmos.

    Anthony BrownAnthony Brown15 dager siden

    Gama ArtGama Art15 dager siden
  • And I wonder, if humans fear that artificial intelligence will overtake them, why don't they send it to another planet? That is, on another planet we do not run the risk that they will end up dominating our species, there they would also establish their own political system and we could see what they really are like, they could also advance without human limitations.

    Án CÁn C15 dager siden
  • Basically AI will over power in future, hence only the rich will stay rich and poor will never recover...... In the second part Elon says AI is dangerous may be he wants to sell his Neurolink product its like you create a evil and sell accessories to handle it... Smart guy stays in business.

    Nayak ThrinathNayak Thrinath16 dager siden
  • Like Trump, Elon Musk's number one gift, his greatest personality trait, is not intelligence or 'guts', it is shamelessness. That is 100% true.

    videoMantisvideoMantis16 dager siden
  • That guy knows how to ask questions and this guy knows how to answer them. Neat

    Samuel VillemureSamuel Villemure16 dager siden
  • Maximizing the Freedom of actions needs to stay beside the word INFINITY & for sure requires the word rightfully & worthy, for most human of the future holding the influence of the morons of today I don't know, but w/ AI having the enormous intelligent & adaptive knowledge more the possibility that we could be some how be held to stay perfectly for those cirle of any mystery this universe would give us.

    Froilany bajaFroilany baja16 dager siden
    • If people w/ an average IQ give respect to GOD even those some of the present day some religious member who don't really believe but just looking for assurance & PRETENDING to have FAITH that somehow God is real, think how this AI(considered higher intellectual) would treat the human that give them the right to exist & letting them achieve freedom to be w/ us specially the good guys.

      Froilany bajaFroilany baja16 dager siden
  • Every one believe AI is smarter than human, meaning they could learn & became more, in any ways that we could achieve, from calculation to understanding words like "Great power comes great responsibility", & Imagine how great it would be if theved adapt to the ambiance of the virtues people of the past & of the present, if human understand how LOVE or GREATER LOVE is, imagine how about the existent that could be more better than any of us.

    Froilany bajaFroilany baja16 dager siden
  • He is so damn right !

    Ian AvsecIan Avsec16 dager siden
  • Fuk all that robot shit I'm telling u we dont need it maybe wit science and surgery because a steady hand is great and not to many of us have it but far as that get rid of em fuk it go back to flip phones I swea dis phone reads my mind I kno some yawl experience the phone pulling up something u thought about

    Tony DavisTony Davis16 dager siden
  • I’m scared that one day chaos erupts from AI and then look back at this videos and be like, “Elon musk warned all of us and we didn’t listen.”

    AlexisBlatekAlexisBlatek16 dager siden
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    Nimesh PatelNimesh Patel16 dager siden
  • The sky is the limit

    Zarebel DaemZarebel Daem17 dager siden
  • This is what we need as a police force.

    Localrondevoo Inc.Localrondevoo Inc.17 dager siden
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    Joe NixonJoe Nixon17 dager siden
  • Anyone here play Amnesia: Rebirth? The end of the game art, the skybox, that giant black and purple vortex, that is what I think the AI explosion would look like if it launches from the wrong hands.

    Tre StylesTre Styles17 dager siden
  • He's not wrong, we need to seriously think about this before we "develop" this technology, we need to tread very carefully. In my opinion, it's immoral and if the experts in A.I don't have the same concerns as Musk and the rest of us then we need to protect ourselves from them, let alone the machines they want to create.

    Gooner 72Gooner 7217 dager siden
    • This is a threat. Wake up. Elon is not on our side

      Pussboi PlatoonPussboi Platoon13 dager siden
  • Self driving is here. Just like he said

    tera btera b17 dager siden
  • They don't agree with Musk's views... he's so right when he says fools. They only wish they were as smart and intuitive as Elon

    tera btera b17 dager siden
  • I wonder if he knows something that we don't

    tera btera b17 dager siden
  • Thumbs up for Elon Thumbs down for toooo much commercials .. (and in fact unbelievable stupid commercials, but anyway)

    soniqe arqezzsoniqe arqezz17 dager siden
  • And i a,m so fteightend eas the AI is not even able to locat eme or a lot othe rpeople.WEW not have al ltheb slave equipoment, got me ??ß

    joedolce16joedolce1618 dager siden
  • Alernet carbon shit here

    Dominik ReyDominik Rey18 dager siden
  • I'll do it. And I'm wily to stay around you guys if you want. Because of the world not being ready for it yet. Well. Not all of it.🙂

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • We would need the robot bodies soon. So our advancing intellect doesn't get stopped by Our regular bodies.👍

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • We have all this tech, but spell check is still ililerate.😆

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • We'd all be having fun and evolving continually. That would be fun!! That challenge itself is the the real fun and adventure.

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • 🌌

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • Make more regular robots that help everyone live good lives.

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • We could evolve to the the point where we meet God without being dead. I'd shake his hand, say cool but crazy universe. I'm gonna go check out these other universes.🙂

    Casey FordCasey Ford18 dager siden
  • Elon greed has been the cause of a lot of the blood in the water hidden knowledge original sin and all like papa thinking he didn't need mama bow mother Earth be crying out but the battle has been won and the war has just begun spiritual in nature but mixing old with new for everlasting living waters

    Linda LoveLinda Love18 dager siden
  • Must be done for humanity souls and such you wanna experience living not just existing. Explore and help others if possible. Listen to the greatest speech ever told Charlie can learn ya something I don't wanna know the future cuz I wanna live for today but I also have generational curses that I'm not sure how to break at least I know I can't do it alone and I'm not I'm an indigo child and so much more and I can't wait to travel and help others I have unconditionally loved the world for so long. And I'd love to know how Maynard James Keenan has been able to channel the times so well

    Linda LoveLinda Love18 dager siden
  • I think Elon secretly wants to discover immortality. Think about it, download yourself into cyberspace.

    krunk and friendskrunk and friends18 dager siden
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    Francielle RibeiroFrancielle Ribeiro18 dager siden
  • Elon Musk HATES regulation so when he asks for regulation you'd better watch out.

    Two EyeTwo Eye19 dager siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/lZF_e7B3eZdhppw

    Joshua BastionJoshua Bastion19 dager siden
  • Feel like souls in 100 years old

    Shankar DhakalShankar Dhakal19 dager siden
  • This is so stupid, the only way man will be able to start exploring beyond the earth is to create robotic AI. AI can begin terraforming and constructing structures to allow humans to explore places like mars. This AI fear is holding back society just like religion has for past millennia.

    da feda fe19 dager siden
  • What happens when deepmind plays gta 5 online race mode

    Jose NavarroJose Navarro20 dager siden
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    Espeon PizzaEspeon Pizza20 dager siden
  • The source of AI power comes from the cola borehole trench world system also there home planet is niburu big servers on planet power source there

    Greg the oneGreg the one20 dager siden
  • all the fantasies of the authors of the books and the film have come true, so that our future is far from bright

    Cute SalemCute Salem20 dager siden
  • Do they purposely have matching shoes?

    Anthony EsquibelAnthony Esquibel21 dag siden
  • 😎😅👍

    Eric QuezadaEric Quezada21 dag siden
  • 💯

    Eric QuezadaEric Quezada21 dag siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/Y7GJqIdpfoyHiqU

    what2talkwhat2talk22 dager siden
  • Blow it up, they are smart cause it's all matematical like the universe is matematical and they can be very sharp.

    Xam XXam X23 dager siden
  • So then why are you the sole inventor in neurolink??

    alain laphamalain lapham23 dager siden
  • Everything Elon is saying is probably right except that there is anyway to regulate it. Those in power want greater power.

    X XX X23 dager siden
  • A.i can’t be worse then humans . We are the disease A.I is the cure, you’l see.

    time Travelertime Traveler23 dager siden
  • 💗🐩🐕🐶🐺

    Mi CardbordMi Cardbord23 dager siden
  • The Evil offspring of Wicked men.. So called Scientists always ignore cause and effect eventualities. The Killer bee for example. Simular creations ironically.

    laserus3333laserus333324 dager siden
  • Like hell there is.

    Imaginary AccessImaginary Access25 dager siden
  • Lol. Uhm,.....why on Earth would you tell it to hurt a human?

    Imaginary AccessImaginary Access25 dager siden