E3 2021 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Square Enix Presents, and More | Play For All

Tune in on June 13th for the Microsoft Showcase Livestream to see all the latest announcements, news, trailers, gameplay and more for Xbox and Bethesda Games. Following shortly after that check out the Square Enix E3 Presents, which will showcase a world premiere from Eidos Montreal and more.

E3 is a trade event for the video game industry. The Entertainment Software Association organizes and presents E3, which many developers, publishers, hardware and accessory manufacturers use to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise to retailers and to members of the press.

After a brief hiatus, E3 is back and GameSpot is an official media partner here to show off all the latest games and releases from developers all over the industry. E3 Day 2 keeps the party rolling with Xbox, Bethesda, and Square Enix, but stay tuned over the next 2 days as E3 will feature presentations from Bethesda, Xbox, Razer, Square Enix, Capcom Take Two, PC Gaming Show, and More!

Expect some big announcements as Xbox, Bethesda, and Square Enix all boast some of the biggest games in gaming. Join us for E3 2021!

XBOX/Bethesda 10AM PST
Square Enix 12:15PM PST




  • Parasite eve remake🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Shad DOUIDAShad DOUIDA12 dager siden
  • Exited for S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2!

    motusmotusMåned siden
  • Please please please tell me among us will get in game voice chat on console

    Dragonballfan 25Dragonballfan 25Måned siden
  • Yawn 😴😴😴

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMåned siden

    encryptedencryptedMåned siden
  • Yawn 😴😴😴

    Mick TaylorMick TaylorMåned siden
  • Awesome!!!

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
    • being always on to watch you any time it wants to collect data, to having a humongous controller making it harder to play, to the ridiculous price, I can only say I am amazed at

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuMåned siden
  • Awesome!!!

    wuoi zuiuwuoi zuiuMåned siden
  • The game industry can go to hell with their preaching. Pirate bay is my only friend.

    ArdynArdynMåned siden
  • I'm always the most Popluar when it comes to play tests of things. Especially when the Popluarity is based off of pretty much nothing.

    Justin WeiselJustin WeiselMåned siden
    • Nice I'm interested in only two games

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
  • 4:06:06

    dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
    • Fantasy Brave Exvius anniversary campaign 5:11:19 Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier 5:11:42 Babylon's Fall 5:16:42 Life is Strange Remasters 5:18:45 Life is Strange: True

      wuoi zuiuwuoi zuiuMåned siden
  • Luv the man but...he..dab

    Somedude Aight go lieSomedude Aight go lieMåned siden
    • Well this e3 was a bust. Again.

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiMåned siden
  • Don't need to worry guys just like every year, i went to their HQ and dl all these games on my flashdrive and speed ran thru them. It's already over.

    Ijaz FahtedIjaz FahtedMåned siden
  • So did Sony not have a presentation this year? I looked at the E3 schedule and didn't see them listed

    Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
    • is Fallout 76 still a thing, asking for a friend

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
  • Do uxc⅖

    Smash_godSmash_godMåned siden
  • Halo!

    Dustin MartinezDustin MartinezMåned siden
  • ugh this was not worth the time

    Seth TSeth TMåned siden
    • Compared to Take Two this was the greatest thing that's ever happened ever. Ever.

      Rock girlRock girlMåned siden
  • Nice I'm interested in only two games

    Boxes WorldBoxes WorldMåned siden
  • WHAT IS PLAY FOR ALL?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

  • 5:56:25 VIBES...


    Dako BriggsDako BriggsMåned siden
  • For a console to have one generation die after just a couple months of playing from the “red-ring of death”, to another generation denying the ability to turn off internet as well as being always on to watch you any time it wants to collect data, to having a humongous controller making it harder to play, to the ridiculous price, I can only say I am amazed at people who stick with this console. Never bought one, never will, and if I got one for a Christmas present I would just send it back. I will stick to my Playstation and Nintendo series. There are no games on the Xbox that is worth playing anyways.

    Cleora AsaranCleora AsaranMåned siden
    • What education do you have.. hit a lot of train comments there..

      MadMike772MadMike77222 dager siden
  • 5:08:16 Invincible did it better.

    0ddM0nk3y0ddM0nk3yMåned siden
  • Well this e3 was a bust. Again.

    Some CatSome CatMåned siden
  • hmmmmmmm suspiciously low number of comments

    HermeticHormagauntHermeticHormagauntMåned siden
  • If no one else is gonna do it then fine! Microsoft & Bethesda Show, & Square Enix Timestamps: Start 2:32:06 2:33:40 Starfield 2:35:56 Stalker 2 2:42:55 Back4Blood 2:45:00 Contraband (from Avalanche Studios) 2:46:35 Sea of Thieves Pirates of The Caribbean 2:49:33 All of Yakuza on Gamepass including Yakuza Like A Dragon 2:50:40 Battlefield 2042 2:53:33 Twelve Minutes 2:54:17 Psychonauts 2 2:55:50 Bethesda Stage Talk 2:57:48 Fallout 76 2:59:30 Fallout 76 The Pitt 3:00:24 ESO Stage Talk 3:00:55 ESO 3:02:00 Party Animals 3:03:38 Hades 3:04:40 Somervile 3:06:19 Halo Infinite 3:13:15 Diablo 2 3:15:10 Plague Tale 2 (as the stream dies) 3:16:45 Far Cry 6 (remember Ubisoft covered for abusers for decades) 3:19:12 Slime Rancher 2 3:20:37 Shredders 3:22:20 Atomic Heart 3:23:30 Replaced 3:25:22 Grounded shroom & doom update 3:27:00 Amog Us 3:27:50 Eiyuden Chronicles (2 games) 3:29:22 The Ascent 3:30:02 Age of Empires 3:31:45 The Outer Worlds 2 (great trailer) 3:33:42 Microsoft Flight Simulator 3:36:02 Forza Horizon 5 3:37:58 Horizon 5 Talk & Gameplay 3:45:00 Stage Talk Outro 3:47:55 Redfall 3:52:33 Highlights Reel Square Enix: Start with Guardians of The Galaxy 4:46:10 5:04:40 Trials of Mana 5:06:00 Avengers 5:09:37 Hitman Mobile 5:10:17 Nier Reincarnation Mobile 5:10:30 New character for War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 5:10:56 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius anniversary campaign 5:11:19 Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier 5:11:42 Babylon's Fall 5:16:42 Life is Strange Remasters 5:18:45 Life is Strange: True Colors 5:23:39 Stranger of Paradise | Final Fantasy Origin 5:26:18 Highlights Reel including previously announced stuff and things recently released PC Gaming Show 6:59:04 Future Games Show 8:30:13

    BaileyZKerrBaileyZKerrMåned siden
    • Thanks

      King PixelliserKing PixelliserMåned siden
    • thanks for the time stamps! dont see the relevance of the Ubi comment but cool

      Nathan Stienbarger.Nathan Stienbarger.Måned siden
    • An act of an honorable hero

      Colby MaynorColby MaynorMåned siden
    • You fucking madlad

      Simp HunterSimp HunterMåned siden
    • Blessin

      Hollows Who?Hollows Who?Måned siden
  • is Fallout 76 still a thing, asking for a friend

    yasio boloyasio boloMåned siden
    • Gone, wiped from our memories

      Omega_Thot _Omega_Thot _Måned siden
  • 4:06:06

    ShowaKFCShowaKFCMåned siden
  • I see they're deleting ppl dislikes

    freeweights101freeweights101Måned siden
  • diversity for you, inclusion for you there, diversity for you over there on the back yeah you, more inclusion over here, some diversity for the people on the front, come over here people we got diversity and inclusion. Oh we got some equity too

    Romanus LureausRomanus LureausMåned siden
    • The blue-eyed pendulum neurologically mess up because organisation essentially breathe besides a plain football. ahead, opposite archaeology

      yasio boloyasio boloMåned siden
  • Compared to Take Two this was the greatest thing that's ever happened ever. Ever.

    Aaron BurnsAaron BurnsMåned siden
    • @dcoog anml I don't think Sony does e3.

      Aaron BurnsAaron BurnsMåned siden
    • So did Sony not have a presentation this year? I looked at the E3 schedule and didn't see them listed

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMåned siden
  • 3:23:19

    George GeorgeGeorge GeorgeMåned siden
  • I hate almost everyone spreading hate on the live chat, and the comments

    Spiky horseSpiky horseMåned siden
  • 5:57:00 square enix interview: true colours

    Katie.OfficiallyKatie.OfficiallyMåned siden
  • Stalker 2, Far Cry 6, Elden Ring, Battlefield 2042 (although no campaign present ) are the most hyped games.

    Tamojit BasuTamojit BasuMåned siden
  • When is the next square Enix event does anyone know

    XXViking LifexxXXViking LifexxMåned siden
  • left 4 dead is back 4 blood. cute, i like

    Mouch the BikerMouch the BikerMåned siden
  • I can't wait top play this on PC!

    Kevin DelaneyKevin DelaneyMåned siden
    • Well this e3 was a bust. Again.

      yasio boloyasio boloMåned siden
  • So did Sony not have a presentation this year? I looked at the E3 schedule and didn't see them listed

    AJAJMåned siden
    • @Mitch Katrensky damn wtf

      AJAJMåned siden
    • This is the third year running that they didn't show up.

      Mitch KatrenskyMitch KatrenskyMåned siden

    Naku ChanNaku ChanMåned siden

    arthur santhosharthur santhoshMåned siden
  • One of the worst E3 of all time

    Sekou KabaSekou KabaMåned siden
  • Shame on these three liars! 1:30:00

    Marcus G KnightMarcus G KnightMåned siden
  • So Stadia TV app launches 23 June. Just so the public know the truth!

    Marcus G KnightMarcus G KnightMåned siden
  • The blue-eyed pendulum neurologically mess up because organisation essentially breathe besides a plain football. ahead, opposite archaeology

    Alek SzymczakAlek SzymczakMåned siden
  • damn elden ring really does exist lol

    Emperor umuEmperor umuMåned siden
  • 2:37:56 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chernobyl. Dialogues translation quality with english subs - wasted. Rus dialogues - 9/10. En subs - 3/10. Unforgivable much missed(

    Dima GribkoDima GribkoMåned siden
  • Awesome!!!

    CorkicheriCorkicheriMåned siden
  • 1:30 holding knife wrong in reverse (blade facing wrist - facepalm) xD

    Czech DeathCzech DeathMåned siden
    • @OctavianMusic OH I see, yeah my english still leaves a lot to be desired xD hah! But we are on the same page now =) Reverse grip is fine with me =) Effective especially because it allows user to utilize cross body motion adied by gravity, behind the stab.

      Czech DeathCzech DeathMåned siden
    • @OctavianMusic No it's not, basic knive training teaches you to always position blade away form you and to secure the knive (in reverse grip) from slipping with your thumb. Look it up

      Czech DeathCzech DeathMåned siden
  • wats tis sheeeeiiiit

    ZAToM teh GozuZAToM teh GozuMåned siden
  • Elon probably posting the best tweet of his life tomorrow to get cryptos back up. The dip is just an opportunity to get more cryptos

    Austin HiltonAustin HiltonMåned siden
    • @BaileyZKerr agree. they just go on and on about fucking crypto.

      Some CatSome CatMåned siden
    • Y'all read like a bunch of bots lol

      BaileyZKerrBaileyZKerrMåned siden
    • The crypto scam make a load of money.

      Some CatSome CatMåned siden
    • @James Gallagher Thanks , placing my trade with expert Elliot Benjamin ASAP

      James TaylorJames TaylorMåned siden
    • + 1 = 3 = 1 = 6 = 4 = 6 = 9 = 6 = 6 = 8 = 6

      James GallagherJames GallagherMåned siden
  • E3 so far has been shite

    Luke CarneyLuke CarneyMåned siden
  • NO, Half-Life 3 announcement deeply disappointed LOL But everything else seems very promising.

    TheFree2last1TheFree2last1Måned siden
  • This is the perfect time to venture into the crypto market, especially considering the current price crash... There is no better time than now to buy as much crypto as possible.

    Jordan HarrisJordan HarrisMåned siden
    • Lmao 😂 😂😂😂

      Some CatSome CatMåned siden
    • Wtf are these bot ass comments

      Mr. iRioluMr. iRioluMåned siden
    • The idea behind every business venture is maximize profit and this concept is very important in the crypto market

      Nancy samuelNancy samuelMåned siden
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      Jaime ClementJaime ClementMåned siden
    • Contact on WhatsApp

      P¡nnedby Only The SAVVYP¡nnedby Only The SAVVYMåned siden
  • It's a very odd love hate relationship I have with Todd

    the slim binthe slim binMåned siden
    • I think we collectively have a love hate relationship with him

      Jason CJason CMåned siden
  • Like and share for a fallout 1,2,3,tactics and new Vegas remake

    Jodi DowellJodi DowellMåned siden
  • R.I.P ✝️.

    Donkey KongDonkey KongMåned siden
  • I would realy like to see your firearms expert react to Arma 3

    GPS.chiemseeGPS.chiemseeMåned siden
  • Where did that comment go with all the timestamps😢

    sKArred KillersKArred KillerMåned siden
    • What happened here? Were there timestamps? Because I'm scrolling through the comments looking for it.

      Frames P3rSecondFrames P3rSecondMåned siden
    • @Levarma thank you soo much . U are a legend

      sKArred KillersKArred KillerMåned siden
  • Wow starfield is Xbox exclusive. Looks like I'm gonna be saving $70 for a different game.

    Joe JonesJoe JonesMåned siden
    • Xbox games are also available on Windows 10 Store/Xbox (Beta) app.

      Frames P3rSecondFrames P3rSecondMåned siden
    • You sure are! Because you can get it on gamepass including all the other exclusives for way cheaper than that

      doinksondeckdoinksondeckMåned siden
  • I'm so happy that mobile games is slowly but surely getting it's recognition that it deserves.

    GelstormGelstormMåned siden
  • Is Stalker a russian made game??

    Otaku SenpaiOtaku SenpaiMåned siden
    • @Flame Russians made Metro or its just based on a Russian book? no idea about Tarkov... never seen any trailer.

      Otaku SenpaiOtaku SenpaiMåned siden
    • @Otaku Senpai damn thats kinda racist

      OneHorsyBoiOneHorsyBoiMåned siden
    • @Akuma's Storytime damn he just asked a question chill bro

      Victor von DoomVictor von DoomMåned siden
    • @Otaku Senpai tarkov, metro are fucking fantastic games made by Russians. stalker is the peak of the horror genre. Fuck off

      FlameFlameMåned siden
    • @Akuma's Storytime i dont mind either ways. But I dont expect Russians to make anything good.

      Otaku SenpaiOtaku SenpaiMåned siden

    Chaos&BaconChaos&BaconMåned siden
    • That was the best part of this no joke

      waffle falafelwaffle falafelMåned siden
  • Xbox still has no games LOL

    Sony OnlySony OnlyMåned siden
    • Get a life

      Andrew AkridgeAndrew AkridgeMåned siden
  • Microsoft aint playing WoW!! Just WOW!! Why pay $70 a game when u can subscribe to GAMEPASS!!!! 😎

    Critical ThinkingCritical ThinkingMåned siden
  • I fucking knew all of Bethesda games will become exclusive games on xbox. Snakes

    A SlemmerA SlemmerMåned siden
  • worst e3 iv seen in my life

    redfox2500redfox2500Måned siden
  • Sony really did make e3🤦🏻‍♂️

    Juandre GillmerJuandre GillmerMåned siden
  • 3:07:19 Halo Infinite presentation

    MMMåned siden
  • ahhhhhh! I just realized Star Lord looks like Jake Paul..maaan,now I dont wanna play.LMAO!

    Drew DahlenDrew DahlenMåned siden
  • Seems like a bust. Everythings coming end of next year, meaning many of those will be delayed beyond that even. All these NOcdsrs simping for what gamepass may be one day and ignoring the fact that psnow has twice as many games right now for half the price always makes me laugh. Surely Sony will have an upgraded psnow experience by then as well while actually releasing games for the next 2 years in the mean time. If they can get their production issues sorted with the PS5 it looks like Microsoft is dead in the water again this console generation. Definitely gotta rate this conference an F

    PunkRockZombie205PunkRockZombie205Måned siden
    • Too bad you’re all wrong because Sony can’t even make consoles lmao

      Nicholas JaworskiNicholas JaworskiMåned siden
    • gamepass is on PC

      EnderladEnderladMåned siden
    • @madmoench seems fine actually. As long as ES6 and FO5 come to PS5 eventually I'm good

      PunkRockZombie205PunkRockZombie205Måned siden
    • Don't like the taste of your own "exclusives" medicine huh?

      madmoenchmadmoenchMåned siden
  • Square Enix branding intro looks like it ripped off Persona 5 ..

    Louise BarnesLouise BarnesMåned siden
    • I was thinking the same thing

      BramblehartBramblehartMåned siden
  • The Austrian painter was right

    Title27Title27Måned siden
    • Nice commander Rockwell pfp

      BramblehartBramblehartMåned siden
  • consoles are the worst

    Title27Title27Måned siden
    • @Mr ginger I never said that. I said the PC stream was a fail, none of those announcements and trailers were good. Console has a better line-up. I'm a PC gamer mate, no need to assume I'm not.

      ironmatto3ironmatto3Måned siden
    • @Mick Lane not in price obviously

      Mr gingerMr gingerMåned siden
    • @Mr ginger per price they're really not. People have tried building pc for a console price and they always fail

      Mick LaneMick LaneMåned siden
    • @ironmatto3 pcs are still far better than consoles though it is a fact this dude doesn't need to tell us that

      Mr gingerMr gingerMåned siden
    • We know!

      Mr gingerMr gingerMåned siden
  • Darn. No Banjo-Threeie. I will not give up hope.

    Tack’s GMV’sTack’s GMV’sMåned siden
    • Give up hope

      CyberManCyberManMåned siden
  • 8:25:28 “Wait wait wait, deadbot deadbot you can’t do this, we just had the best gaming pc show...” That’s a huge lie and you know it

    TriableChain552TriableChain552Måned siden
  • You light up the room, want to be youtube friends?

    Time Health FitTime Health FitMåned siden
  • Another year, another SHITTY E3

    Tun TunTun TunMåned siden
    • Idk what you were expecting this is what I would call a definitive e3 I think you wanted a new skyrim ot something in which I say wait 10 years

      Kareem QablawiKareem QablawiMåned siden
    • I honestly loved the unexpected entry of forza Horizon 5

      aditya dragon beastaditya dragon beastMåned siden
  • E3 hasn't been good in years. GOTG looks pretty epic, glad it's singleplayer.

    ironmatto3ironmatto3Måned siden
  • 54th

  • After seeing zombie deer I will not go near one

    LT Nation RadioLT Nation RadioMåned siden
  • I don't want to hear about E3 until I can buy a PS5 until I can walk in a GameStop and buy a PS5 for a normal price

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !Måned siden
  • F*** you GameStop I can't buy a PS5 for under $1,200 I know it's China's fault which that's Joe biden's fault and Bill Clinton for letting China join the world trade organization all those decades ago

    the hillbilly gamer !the hillbilly gamer !Måned siden
  • can you all back up from the camera i dont need to see you that close bunch of freaks

    SnapJDSnapJDMåned siden
  • Please another Fallout

    Erick EwingErick EwingMåned siden
    • @Figgy Newton Microsuck will want them crapping out those franchises as much as possible.

      Abstr4ctedAbstr4ctedMåned siden
    • Starfield in 2, and then Skyrim 6, and then prob be 5 years til we get Fallout

      Figgy NewtonFiggy NewtonMåned siden
    • No

      CyberManCyberManMåned siden
    • Isometric fallout.

      metallmetallMåned siden
  • Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future.

    Alexander SmithAlexander SmithMåned siden
    • So obvious

      QuadraxisTheGreatQuadraxisTheGreat10 dager siden
    • @Arafat Sifat • 69 years ago bots

      Has the High GroundHas the High GroundMåned siden
    • What the fvck are these comments

      Arafat Sifat • 69 years agoArafat Sifat • 69 years agoMåned siden
    • @Ineedamonk "maybe I am a robot"

      BEASTFRAG435BEASTFRAG435Måned siden
    • @BEASTFRAG435 hard to identify?... how do i know if you are not a bot!?🤔

      IneedamonkIneedamonkMåned siden
  • 2:41:00 That was scary af!

    Ikram HussainIkram HussainMåned siden
    • Play stalker shadow of Chernobyl with the Autumn aurora mod, it makes the game look and feel better.

      Alexander AcostaAlexander AcostaMåned siden
    • Also that's a great way to present the game like they did with campfire stories. Way better than that lame Starfield pos showing.

      ashdoglsuashdoglsuMåned siden
    • Yea I guess it's time to finally install Stalker 1 and play it. I've had it in one form or another since it came out and never got passed the door leading to outside. I've read theres a fan made patch thats a must have to play it.

      ashdoglsuashdoglsuMåned siden
  • is Fallout 76 still a thing, asking for a friend

    Chloe PriceChloe PriceMåned siden
    • It's free to play on gamepass lol

      Wavy VaporizersWavy VaporizersMåned siden
    • @PunkRockZombie205 Oh yeah that sounds nice friend

      Chloe PriceChloe PriceMåned siden
    • @Chloe Price yeah it's just like Fallout 4 basically. It uses the same assets. It's a little light on content for a supposed mmo, but they keep adding more. After about 100 hours or so you might get bored and quit playing till the next dlc drops if all you care about is the story content. But it's so cheap, it's still worth it

      PunkRockZombie205PunkRockZombie205Måned siden
    • @dobhopsy it's on sale now on ps. But you can get it cheaper on eBay. I bought a copy for $8 I think. Factor in that all the dlc is free and you got a good bargain. I wish they hadn't of released it 2 years before it was finished tho cuz so many people hated how it was at launch and are too stubborn to give it another go

      PunkRockZombie205PunkRockZombie205Måned siden
    • if you don't see this late, you can currently play it for free on steam until Thursday

      IsoiIsoiMåned siden
  • Lots of cool games coming. A little something for everyone. People are pretty spoiled nowadays. It's hard to understand just how good games have gotten and how much variety there is.

    StrevenStrevenMåned siden
    • @Ivan Karamazov nice

      Spiky horseSpiky horseMåned siden
    • @Spiky horse it helped, thanks. It didn't change my mind, but at least I'm fully aware now 🤣

      Ivan KaramazovIvan KaramazovMåned siden
    • @Ivan Karamazov oh ok, we got "The outer worlds 2", "Back4Blood", "S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2" and "Hello Neighbor 2, dunno if that'll help

      Spiky horseSpiky horseMåned siden
    • @Spiky horse ...you don't get it either...I'm just waiting for people to tell me some good games cause I may have missed it amd from my point of view, with ehat I've seen, this E3 was a huge disappointment.

      Ivan KaramazovIvan KaramazovMåned siden
    • @Ivan Karamazov Jesus calm down, it's just an E3

      Spiky horseSpiky horseMåned siden
  • I wish someone could do timestamps because I really dont feel like watching the good and the bad games for 10 hours

    Leslie PuryearLeslie PuryearMåned siden
    • @Somereasonstolive lol got nothing to say huh? Seems like you're too lazy to even defend your claim. Take this L.

      moomermoomerMåned siden
    • BaileyZKerr did

      RaviolinatorRaviolinatorMåned siden
    • @Somereasonstolive I would rather not get my eyes burned alive

      Bryan BanegasBryan BanegasMåned siden
    • @Somereasonstolive Well people have these things called "Jobs" where it seems more important that watching game trailers for 10 hours. A child like you wouldn't understand.

      moomermoomerMåned siden
    • @Somereasonstolive sorry but adults don't have time to watch 10 hours of nothing

      Moment BruhMoment BruhMåned siden
  • this kind of acts like a training video with her on screen

    ChaoticPandaChaoticPandaMåned siden
    • Nice I'm interested in only two games

      yasio boloyasio boloMåned siden
  • I love E3

    Stygian PhantasmStygian PhantasmMåned siden
    • Bro this shit was ass

      Texas Yee hawTexas Yee hawMåned siden
  • Well that was long

    Fumikage The Dumb BirdFumikage The Dumb BirdMåned siden
  • where is the elder scrolls vi?

    Milan UgrinovicMilan UgrinovicMåned siden
    • Buy skyrim again - todd howard probably

      Silver SpoonSilver SpoonMåned siden
    • Ain't comin out til 2026 at the earliest

      Ethan EvansEthan EvansMåned siden
  • 💩

    MikeMikeMåned siden
  • This was ten hours

    mightymightyMåned siden
    • @Lu Pavo it was not worth it

      mightymightyMåned siden
    • And I watched all of it, FML.

      Lu PavoLu PavoMåned siden
  • The review of day 2 of e3 is 6 out of 10

  • 2nd

    Jose PazJose PazMåned siden
  • Xbox presentation and their games are crap.... And now SE is also crap 🤦‍♂️ 50/50

    Ashflow RamzaAshflow RamzaMåned siden
    • I thought xbox has lots of cool games and SE has a few I'm interested in too.

      StrevenStrevenMåned siden
    • I have a Xbox SX and PS5 and love both but play Xbox way more gamepass is amazing and some games I didn’t think I’d like I actually love like Sea of thieves

      Cory BCory BMåned siden
    • @Elodie Rakoto with a AK47 not at all lol

      Cory BCory BMåned siden
    • Xbox is crap so it’s no surprise their presentation and their games are shit

      Elodie Rakoto with a AK47Elodie Rakoto with a AK47Måned siden
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