CS:GO Maps if they were Nuke

What would Office, Cache and Mirage look like in Nuke's theme? Now's your chance to find out.
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0:00 - Noffice
0:35 - Nache
1:13 - Nirage




  • franzj must be going nuts right now

    Pandas BeatsPandas Beats6 timer siden
  • i want it!

    OskarOskar10 timer siden
  • It's sad that theres no map called ,,digger"

    X DX D15 timer siden
  • You start seeing maps like this in csgo after playing 20 hours straight

    Story AsmistStory AsmistDag siden
  • de_nuke radar map with upper site sky colour background? and bombsite C on roof

    oby ropa im wybuchłaoby ropa im wybuchła3 dager siden
  • Cool, but I have to say that I’ve grown to hate the new Nuke theme. I keep associating it with rubbishy maps because many new mappers chose this theme for their map

    melc311melc3113 dager siden
  • Where nobblestone?

    Хайпек ЪХайпек Ъ5 dager siden
  • Please De_Cashe assets map in the other map

    TomFoyTomFoy5 dager siden
  • go de_nust2

    турбуленттурбулент6 dager siden
  • I've 100% played on a server that was on cs_noffice, something is just right about that map

    RR7 dager siden
  • Whe canalpass

    Michał CiejkaMichał Ciejka7 dager siden
  • Sorry for me visual is best before ORIGINAL.

    WiooValda _trxshWiooValda _trxsh7 dager siden
  • Mi cabeza va a explotaaar

    Franco BustamanteFranco Bustamante9 dager siden
  • эта иннавация изменила бы мир

    Mr. RemerMr. Remer10 dager siden
  • Cedar creek nuclear power plant is alot more expansive than people realize

    I could not think of a nameI could not think of a name12 dager siden
  • De_niggage

    S1ncS1nc12 dager siden
  • Every map looks better with nuke assets, except Nache/Cache

    ghilesfreemanghilesfreeman15 dager siden
  • Counter Strike Nuke Offensive

    FakeGuyFakeGuy15 dager siden
  • Ngl really like the office reskin

    DoggoInAStuka GamesDoggoInAStuka Games17 dager siden
  • Не ну прикольно

    РуСиЧ ЛиМоНРуСиЧ ЛиМоН17 dager siden
  • 1:02 its ramp on nuke😟

    No NameNo Name17 dager siden
  • de_NI... *OH MY GOD* de_niRAGE!!!

    Hello I'm DueifbchHello I'm Dueifbch18 dager siden
  • Omg, I need those maps xd

    Тимур ВотяковТимур Вотяков18 dager siden
  • Nuke looks way too sterile to me

    Halfpipe FreakHalfpipe Freak19 dager siden
  • Nache is just cache before the green update.

    Damian QualshyDamian Qualshy19 dager siden
  • My favourite map is nuke. Great job dude👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    AzizAziz20 dager siden
  • de_nirage круче

    MishaMisha21 dag siden
  • now franzj can finally play any other map then nuke

    TiryanTiryan22 dager siden
  • nice

    Kuba HausmanKuba Hausman23 dager siden
  • Me: Mum, can we have cs_Nuke? Mum: We already have cs_Nuke at home The cs_Nuke at home:

    Yvxo HeartYvxo Heart23 dager siden
    • Since when is nuke a hostage map?

      xolotltoloxxolotltolox22 dager siden
  • Connecting to public( ... Server is running an older version, client version 13785, server version 13784

    ALIENRLZ 888ALIENRLZ 88823 dager siden
  • Nache is the best one

    trilogy sexologytrilogy sexology24 dager siden
  • Wait it is all nuke? Always has been...

    Lucio CinagliaLucio Cinaglia24 dager siden
  • You've done a very good job. Thank you

    RICHARDRICHARD25 dager siden
  • Блять, выложи эти е6аные карты в мастерскую, я хочу поиграть на них!!

    Kopstick Делает ВидеоKopstick Делает Видео25 dager siden
  • De Nache

    Gian GoicoecheaGian Goicoechea25 dager siden
  • dust 2 ?

    Michael in the detailsMichael in the details26 dager siden
  • de_nunuke moment

    mart1nmart1n26 dager siden
  • Nuke theme really fits with the bombsite A on cache

    HECkiHECki26 dager siden
  • Top 3 N words

    Sed MangoSed Mango26 dager siden
  • My brain...

    Michael DeoMichael Deo26 dager siden
  • Now mirage

    Paweł DPaweł D26 dager siden
  • Wow, i love nirage

    Tonomac con sesTonomac con ses26 dager siden
  • Once i played Dust 2 with Nuke textures. Man...

    RecklessPr1meRecklessPr1me26 dager siden
  • Bro noffice looks so good

    Kattos _Kattos _26 dager siden
  • Well there's only so many ways a building can be constructed.... Awesome vid tho

    NeXxsubJEcTNeXxsubJEcT26 dager siden
  • It's so cleanly done. I mean look at every details and replacement of objects!

    सौम्य Pandeyसौम्य Pandey26 dager siden
  • They should swap all maps for their nuke version on 1. of april

    MikaelMikael26 dager siden
  • - OK, guys, let's play nuke. - Which one?

    KollapsingKollapsing27 dager siden
  • Yo edge bugs

    CookieCookie27 dager siden
  • a new map "de_niggare"

    zeraizerai27 dager siden
  • franjz momment

    roger silva 4572roger silva 457227 dager siden
  • I would like to play mm in this new office instead of the old

    OverfaulOverfaul27 dager siden
  • Don't know why I like this kinda idea :D

    WardenWarden27 dager siden
  • My head hurts now

    KitpyKitpy27 dager siden
  • Nigga Mirage

    THA FIENDSTHA FIENDS27 dager siden
  • cache looks so nice with nuke theme, it would prob became my fav map again :/

    Acid BurnAcid Burn27 dager siden
  • it looks preatty cool but it kills the maps' climate

    heisenheisen27 dager siden
  • Why dis not have like FIVE MILLION VIEWS YET?!? WHY???

    Karl Marx stole my bikeKarl Marx stole my bike27 dager siden
  • Eskilerinden Daha iyi lan

    Eren CSGO & moreEren CSGO & more28 dager siden
  • Nirage It's so beautiful ✨

  • T F this is better than office

    senzeicssenzeics28 dager siden
  • it looks like shit

    denn1zdenn1z28 dager siden
    • @rn_s25 super nut think about it. Every where you go there is a nuclear sound like diiiiiiiiiiii and you say I have a bad taste lol

      denn1zdenn1z27 dager siden
    • Nah, you just have lame taste

      rn_s25 super nutrn_s25 super nut27 dager siden
  • de_dust to de_nuke when

    John Paul BuceJohn Paul Buce28 dager siden
  • What the f%*@

    LL28 dager siden
  • i remember this maps) and de_nust 2

    valentYKTvalentYKT28 dager siden
  • Nukefication

    StalownikStalownik28 dager siden
  • Where is my de_nust2?

    Ming1945Ming194528 dager siden
  • franzj's wet dream

    sad darylsad daryl28 dager siden
  • FranzJ vision

    MickieMickie29 dager siden
  • i wanna play nirage so bad

    Hasan AletićHasan Aletić29 dager siden
  • socialism vs capitalism maps

    RamiroRamiro29 dager siden
  • i like the office look more than the nuke

    BludBlud29 dager siden
  • FranzJ: I Need it in MM! 😅

    I C E B E A T SI C E B E A T S29 dager siden
  • im excited to see NUST

    Michal OnufrákMichal Onufrák29 dager siden
  • is de_nirage available on workshop??

    Irakli MzhavanadzeIrakli Mzhavanadze29 dager siden
  • FranzJ would coom.

    Noob BLOXNoob BLOX29 dager siden
  • nache looks kinda litttt

    TACETACE29 dager siden
  • *Cache always looks like nuke*

    sixxtelsixxtel29 dager siden

    Albert AnnellAlbert Annell29 dager siden
  • CS:GO maps if they were... Nuke FranzJ: *Here* *I* *COME* (yes he came)

    KSGKSG29 dager siden
    • He came, and then he came ;)

      Dank LlamasDank Llamas25 dager siden
  • Cache looks clean

    ioVaNn SioVaNn S29 dager siden
  • Where is nest_2

    THEALEXD3145THEALEXD314529 dager siden
  • Wanna de_nust2

    ANdrew VinokurowANdrew Vinokurow29 dager siden
  • de_duke_2 (nuke+dust 2)

    Resul ÇınarResul ÇınarMåned siden
  • Мой рай

    Без названияБез названияMåned siden
  • cs_office is just nukes office

    xCHTZ HvHxCHTZ HvHMåned siden
  • I hope Valve actually Maps special time events like Making all maps looks like nuke for 1 or 2 week. Only in Casual. Just for fun

    Deepesh PariharDeepesh PariharMåned siden
  • maps actually looks really good

    Deepesh PariharDeepesh PariharMåned siden
  • de_nurage

    Кирилл РогаликКирилл РогаликMåned siden
  • This is amazing. Can he pls remake the cache again so it would be playable again

    Yea YeaYea YeaMåned siden
  • Valorant in csgo ))

    eyesofeyesofMåned siden

    lomecalomecaMåned siden
  • wow. i feel like this will expand the game replay alot with a little effort

    LuwfuLuwfuMåned siden
  • Nirage?

    XovkaXovkaMåned siden
  • fransj would be proud

    NoUsernameHereNoUsernameHereMåned siden
  • 0:56 Lenin doesn't approve

    miss barfin hljmiss barfin hljMåned siden
  • Big factory

    Иван ЗайцевИван ЗайцевMåned siden
  • What is the music he used?

    Samuel G MnMSamuel G MnMMåned siden
  • ngl, i really like noffice edit: fuck it, i love them all

    Bruce KiraBruce KiraMåned siden