Buying and fixing a dozer : John Deere 450

In this video, I buy a ~1970 john deere dozer 450 straight. Fix the steering clutches, and install a "canopy", and then push some dirt




  • What type of paint did you use on it?

    4 G4 GDag siden
    • original john deere construction yellow

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller8 timer siden
  • Bulldozer looks great and seems working well. Enjoyable video.

    glen paulglen paulDag siden
  • Best not to try and countersink holes with a drillbit. Best use a proper countersink bit.

    glen paulglen paulDag siden
  • 👍🔧🔩⚙️🚜🤝🤠🍻😀

    Gašper ajdnikGašper ajdnik4 dager siden
  • If you fill pipe with dry sand compacted weld caps on ends one end first to fill then will bend without crush

    Sean CarrollSean Carroll5 dager siden
  • I loved this video, I know nothing about stuff like this but it was fucking good. Really cant belive i just watched 1:40:56 minutes of something like this , but it was a good watch .

    Tobbe STobbe S6 dager siden
  • SYMPA la cintreuse de tole

    Francis LOCQUINIERFrancis LOCQUINIER11 dager siden
  • meme ecole que Andrew Camarata ??

    Francis LOCQUINIERFrancis LOCQUINIER11 dager siden
  • I know this is old but on the clutch adjustment you could weld a nut to the tool you made and run a bolt down to the proper height then it’s adjustable.

    Jerry PJerry P14 dager siden
  • ......we all saw it, the chicken was the brains of this saw how she studied the situation

    Tim FremstadTim Fremstad17 dager siden
  • It's hard to conceive that the clutch pack, which exists around the bull gear that runs in oil, would not also run in oil.

    Norman CzerskiNorman Czerski19 dager siden
  • Recommendation, always push in a straight line. Don’t push and turn at the same time. If you need to turn, backup and reposition so you can push straight with both tracks under power. That way your turning clutches will last longer…. Great job on fixing the old steel.

    Harlan DixonHarlan Dixon21 dag siden
  • That's a ton of work! But well worth it in the end, what a sweet little unit

    Theoretically PracticalTheoretically Practical22 dager siden
  • cool,, stuffff

    Step It Up MoronsStep It Up Morons25 dager siden
  • How much would it cost for parts and labor if you took it to someone's shop and had all of this work done?

    JuniorJunior25 dager siden
    • probably 5k

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller25 dager siden
  • Watching you is very enjoyable because of your attention to detail. Your slow and precise and would be a joy to work with on a repair or build. I’m impressed with the “canopy “ well designed and very secure looking, I’ve done a lot of industrial maintenance and fabrication that had to meat certain specifications and I think yours does. I’m impressed with your ability. Stay safe

    Gene GoodmanGene Goodman27 dager siden
  • They do make a tool for installing the rivets in the bands. That brake band rivet tool will outlive you if cared for by the way.

    64marine64marine29 dager siden
    • Come Summer; that canopy will feel like a God send. Mopunt two 8" fans on the front uprights fora bit of a breeze.

      64marine64marine29 dager siden
    • Paint the bottom of fuel tank before install.

      64marine64marine29 dager siden
    • Would of painted that pack with anti-rust paint before re-install to stave off worse rusting.

      64marine64marine29 dager siden
  • Man that's cool! I think I'd put some red lenses on the lights in the grill. Give it that evil look. LOL

    Sailor John BoySailor John BoyMåned siden
  • U r not best hammer play ,I watch so many video ,do practices bro .keep it up👍,I like u r work

    sidhu Sidhusidhu SidhuMåned siden
  • Nice Job! What paint sprayer and paint did you use? Looks great

    Tim SimeoneTim SimeoneMåned siden
  • That is, one cool trailer.

    Brian JohnstonBrian JohnstonMåned siden
  • That was so interesting! Excellent video. Cant believe how cheap you can buy these machines for in usa. Where i am they want 20-40k for these and they could be in worse condition than before you renovated yours.

    Maverick GoodMaverick GoodMåned siden
  • I think you are brilliant

    Patricia GreenPatricia GreenMåned siden
  • Snow on the ground an a cold oily gritty job... and the guy with the blue shirt is barehanded and in shirtsleeves

    nik jamesnik jamesMåned siden
  • It is a trusting friend that will hold a part while you hammer on it.

    AD C172AD C172Måned siden
  • Представляю, как круто работать на таком в России 😂

    D FD FMåned siden
  • do you ever get the lot leveled all over. Also, were you helping Andrew with his container box Castel.

    Reg GrayReg GrayMåned siden
  • "If ya wanna run equipment, ya gotta learn how to fix it" - that's a good motto for your channel. LOL

    StinkySQL SixpenceStinkySQL SixpenceMåned siden
  • Hello Jesse, I'm in the middle of a 450B restoration myself and am getting ready to rebuild my steering clutches. I have the clutch housings open and ready to pull, I'm at the point now where I need to get the parts on the way. I see you found a dealer that has the semi metallic disks that go in between the steel discs (instead of the old fibrous ones), where did you get the kit? Have you had any issues since the install? Thanks so much for the video, it is helping a lot.

    The Cordless CarpenterThe Cordless CarpenterMåned siden
    • @Jesse Muller FYI, I just pulled my right clutch yesterday, left clutch is coming out today and to my surprise, the previous owner had already replaced the friction discs with the newer semi-metallic (vs the "fibrous") discs and those were stuck together too, just like you showed us how your old ones were. I say this so that you and others don't get a false sense of security thinking because they got the newer semi-metallic ones, they won't freeze up... they can. I say they "can" because these did but if you maintain them properly there shouldn't be a problem. Keep your compartment covers sealed up tight with gaskets or RTV so the rain, snow, dew can't get in from above and some people leave the drain plug on the bottom out to help keep the temperature the same inside the compartment as the outside air preventing a major condensation issue an letting what little does occur, to drain out. Or at least pull that plug from time to time to drain any condensation that might build up (as you would, say, an air compressor tank). For other out there that might read this in the future, I think the real key to keeping dry clutches operating properly is to 1.) educate yourself on exactly what's happening inside that compartment, 2.) keep your sticks pulled back when you're not using it (every single time) to keep your clutches disengaged so all the components of each clutch don't seize together, I just bungie the sticks back to the fuel tank lifting hooks and 3.) "most importantly", like ALL mechanical equipment, you need to RUN your machine often. Mechanical equipment runs best when it's operated frequently... it's when you let them sit that they start developing issues. Thanks again Jessie, for the lead on the new clutches... got mine from them for both steering and the engine clutch. They are super friendly AND cheapest I've found anywhere AND they ship quick!

      The Cordless CarpenterThe Cordless Carpenter14 dager siden
    • @The Cordless Carpenter yea they were pretty good, cheap and aprts came real fast. they also had a bunch of knowledge about the machines and parts too

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerMåned siden
    • @Jesse Muller Gave them a call and placed the order for new everything lol... for everyone else out there, this company was the cheapest I found anywhere (for the semi-metalic friction discs). The kits for new friction disks, steel disks, pressure plate, throwout bearing and brake bands were hundreds $$ cheaper than anyone else... and great customer service to boot!

      The Cordless CarpenterThe Cordless CarpenterMåned siden
    • @Jesse Muller Thanks, I'll. look into them. Do you practice the ol' "keep your steering sticks pulled back with a bungie cord when you park it"? Did you also get the brake bands there?

      The Cordless CarpenterThe Cordless CarpenterMåned siden
    • I got mine from and they still work good

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerMåned siden
  • weld a nut to the side stick a bolt in it screw the bolt up or down.I would trust your work you did a bang up job no cutting corners well done.

    Frank WoodwardFrank WoodwardMåned siden
  • He has very good talent and can help us, Thanks Muller!! Its very nice job!

    하이렌더하이렌더Måned siden
  • You pressure washed those clutches on like $50 dollars worth of plywood 😂

    Ken GibsonKen GibsonMåned siden
  • Great Video and the clutch is similar to a motorcycle clutch I've always wondered how those cat tracks were driven now I know Thanks.

    Louis DisburyLouis DisburyMåned siden
  • I saw the Perry's towing. I am in Lake K. looking to do the homestead thing a couple of hours from here. Nice to find someone local.

    Third Day MinistriesThird Day MinistriesMåned siden
  • Awesome machine and good job on the fix.. this color tho.. i would've done it in Desert Khaki but thats just me..✌

    SquishSquishMåned siden
  • and by the way, this video is awesome, it helps me a lot.

    stephane Jacobstephane JacobMåned siden
  • @jesse Muller Good day Jessy. I got myself a JD 450 and both steering clutches need to be rebuilt. i am having problems finding the friction plate and steel plate and the pressure plate. Would you be kind enough to give me the parts numbers for the 3 items and where you got them? I am in Canada and John Deers Canada can't locate any. Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated. also just as an FYI, the break shoes are 1000 each half.. so 4000+ for both sides.

    stephane Jacobstephane JacobMåned siden
  • I’m super impressed with your depth of knowledge on so many different things. How do you have so much experience at such a young age? I feel like a lost kid watching you do these projects and I’ve been a contractor since 1985. I guess I need to expand my knowledge base... you and Andrew are an amazing couple of guys

    Brian SheedyBrian Sheedy2 måneder siden
    • It's just a matter of jumping in and doing it, self taught basically.. I've worked on and around drilling rigs for 20 yrs, when things need fixed, you just do it, that knowledge and experience allows me to tackle just about any project

      SquishSquishMåned siden
  • Nice track, still sounds great, how much did you get it for?

    Ernest VaillancourtErnest Vaillancourt2 måneder siden
  • great wrenching, you're a talented mechanic.

    dmmadde xdmmadde x2 måneder siden
  • Yeah but the issue with buying brand new equipment is you gotta have it working so it can pay itself off you buy a super expensive machine and it's just sitting how the heck you're going to pay it up unless you already got the extra capital

    jamie carvalhojamie carvalho2 måneder siden
  • You sure its 2788 hrs seems like it would b more thats only 350 ...8 hour work days even though it's 50 years old ... maybe it wasn't functioning for a long time ... who knows

    jamie carvalhojamie carvalho2 måneder siden
  • Outstanding job. You recovered a barely working machine. For your pads and blade (face) treat like prepping for paint- wire wheel, sandblast, then spray of degreaser, then apply several liberal coats of the same preservative you cleaned off the clutch components; at $20 a can, it's well worth it. 3 cans should be enough for tracks & blade. It's called-->

  • Great, great job. I learned a lot about how the clutch packs work. Very clear explanation, as always.

    Noi wontNoi wont2 måneder siden
  • well done

    SteinStein2 måneder siden
  • I think it makes sense to route the exhaust through one of the pipes in the front and let it end on the roof with a flapper on top :)

    Ruben KelevraRuben Kelevra2 måneder siden
  • You are correct. Even with high price of repair on old stuff, the new machines are not worth owning. Older the better. Steam powered stuff was incredibly powerful

    xxx xxxxxx xxx2 måneder siden
  • Nothing like spending a romantic evening by torchlight with your dozer. You are one hard working man.

    ZarbZarb2 måneder siden
  • parabens e tão gratificante quando a gente vê uma pessao como vc. batalhadora crescendo em seu negocio que Deus te abençoe muito e sempre. pois vc vive em um pais que vc pode prosperar sempre.

    Luciano regoLuciano rego2 måneder siden
  • Lots of new toys have been fixed except this track LOADER. Hvnt heard anything about it in the later videos I think.

    Arvind BhatiaArvind Bhatia2 måneder siden
  • Fair play bro you should be working for John deer ✌️❤️

    One Team in Bristol BCFCOne Team in Bristol BCFC3 måneder siden
  • microstop countersink would probably work on those those brake pads. You can set the depth of the countersink without going all the way through the material.

    JamesJames3 måneder siden
  • Looks good!! 👍🏻

    DANA LEEDANA LEE3 måneder siden
  • Boy you are Excellent to me. I wish I could be with you as a VOLUNTEER extra Hands. Just to learn what you do. I LOVED all the 450 series Loaders & Dozer you my Friend have skills that are slowly being Lost in today's high Tech world.

    R PR P3 måneder siden
    • thanks. I hope to pass it on to my kids

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller3 måneder siden
  • I got 350 tracks are sized

    Joe PusicJoe Pusic3 måneder siden
  • I thought your work on the JD 450 was brilliant. Great to see a video about fixing this sort of machinery where the thing gets fixed by the end of it. I thought the scratch built canopy was great and good choice of colour too!. I came to your channel via Andrew Camarata when you fixed up the Petitebone crane and now I've subscribed to your channel I can see have a few more videos to catch up on ..which I am greatly looking forward to.

    vishengrovishengro3 måneder siden
  • I don't even own a dozer yet and I watched the whole damn thing, lol. A++ write up

    freezerburn04freezerburn043 måneder siden
  • Watched this a second time. That turned out looking excellent. Great video!

    JohnnathanABJohnnathanAB3 måneder siden
  • I have 1 l.d 2010c dozer that has right side not working, any insights on where to get parts, thanks

    nick kirdannick kirdan3 måneder siden
  • I use to drive a day cab steerling like that and hated it. That one actually sounded good.

    Dave FallatDave Fallat3 måneder siden
  • Just starting this your Chanel and love the detailed repairs. Keep it up!!

    Greg LeithoffGreg Leithoff3 måneder siden
  • Wow i download this video

    Iin Parlinanew123Iin Parlinanew1233 måneder siden
  • Cracking job .

    Rob BanksRob Banks3 måneder siden
  • Thats a fine paint job right there.

    jay kelsojay kelso3 måneder siden
  • What have you done with track loader?

  • Still surprised after watching the entire video that you didn’t rebuild the left clutch. And ROP is useless if there is no seat belt

    Wingdwolf 56Wingdwolf 563 måneder siden
    • left clutch was replaced recently by previous owner. I said that in the video. and Yes I agree that a seatbelt is needed. I should put one on soon

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller3 måneder siden
  • Fill pipes with sand before you bend them that stops them getting flattened also heat helps but not essential.

    liveukliveuk3 måneder siden
  • That's the most amazing transport trailer I've ever seen, so cool!

    liveukliveuk3 måneder siden
  • Go bigger with your loader and dozzer ,short time you will understand. Love the Chantal, most of all enjoy life. & have fun.

    Greg SmithGreg Smith3 måneder siden
  • Nice find good job..

    the2060ishthe2060ish3 måneder siden

    The Family Farm HomesteadThe Family Farm Homestead3 måneder siden
  • Nice job once again. If you're looking for structural rigidity you may want to consider a x member tieing the four posts together. in the roof.

    Thomas ToparThomas Topar3 måneder siden
  • I do like your plasma cutter circle cutting device. Also that you took the time to paint things.

    Pete McLallenPete McLallen3 måneder siden
  • The mellow anteater thoracically subtract because trip macropharmacologically behave pro a grandiose course. raspy, silly carol

    LEO MLEO M3 måneder siden
  • bravo bellissimo tutorial grazie

    fabrizio leonettifabrizio leonetti3 måneder siden
  • Fisrivercgrill fairhope alabama

    Tommy PateTommy Pate3 måneder siden
  • Plastic and other material have to be counter sunk before you drill all they way through. So no pilot hole before you drill.

  • Fantastic,love the "canopy" looks TOUGH,I'd feel safe operating this BABY.

    Ian ManghamIan Mangham3 måneder siden
  • It was a good video until it hit the 1:09:12 mark. Then this gorgeous "chick" video bombed it and then this video went from good to Awesome! I don't think it was planned but if it was,you should win an award for it! Can't wait to see next video, hopefully the chick will return and bring a few friends with her. This is my first time watching your videos and I will be subscribing. Awesome job my man! Rick K. - Athens Tx

    Custom Creations - Rick KramerCustom Creations - Rick Kramer3 måneder siden
  • Again, very impressive job. Always wondered about those clutches ! Thank you.

    Dave HevnerDave Hevner3 måneder siden
  • You are so good at fixing these machines . I'm so impressed. Love watching your videos. You make me proud,I'm sure your Parents are proud of you.

    Tyler HerronTyler Herron3 måneder siden
  • I was watching a Camarada video and when it finished skipped to this one so I was thinking i was still looking at the other dudes channel but something was strange no pounding on the parts with a sledgehammer, wait what he actually reads a manual sometimes??? Then i realized i was watching someone else's channel...Thumbs up i really liked the vid it was interesting and pedagogical at the same time 👍

    Nils HolgersonNils Holgerson3 måneder siden
  • Anybody can pull shit apart, the skill is putting it back together

    karr bergsgaardkarr bergsgaard3 måneder siden
  • ...."anyone can fix heavy equipment...all it takes is basic skills"....and a couple other pieces of heavy equipment.

    eltsen nestleeltsen nestle3 måneder siden
  • That trailer is could a landoll i rebuilt a few for guys

    Linda LakotaLinda Lakota4 måneder siden
  • Compare this man to some weasel sitting in an oak paneled office in can't because one adds value to society and the other taketh it away.

    Jimmy CricketJimmy Cricket4 måneder siden
  • When I was breaking out as an operator 48 years ago that was the type dozer I ran

    Ray BuntonRay Bunton4 måneder siden
  • Hi Jesse , Great video .I just got a 450C 6 way Dozer and I love it . However I need to do a few adjustments to the left brake , so your video helped tremendously . Thanks for the good work and hassles of running all those cameras to show us what's inside of these little monsters .

    Dale AllenDale Allen4 måneder siden
  • When you posted that only 1 of 4 steering options worked, and only in reverse, made me think of those early wired remote cars, that went straight forward, and always turned left on reverse.

    Darrell PattonDarrell Patton4 måneder siden
  • I don't know if anyone ever mentioned to you, but there a really good chance that the bender ould not flatten the pipe iffy filled it with sand and , naturally, capped the ends. Of course if fluids were to be going thru h pipe, you would have to rinse it out. However you are doing a really good job with what you have.

    Michael N Evans SrMichael N Evans Sr4 måneder siden
  • 1:08:42 the pipe has to fill with sand to avoid collapsing

    TyTy4 måneder siden
  • Replacing my Jetta's clutch looks like a child's play now.

    TyTy4 måneder siden
  • Instal some light on front and back of it

    MostafaMostafa4 måneder siden
  • You and Camarata should collab on a video if you’re both in up state NY

    Ep1c OctaneEp1c Octane4 måneder siden
  • Darned chicken inspectors coming around when you’re trying to work! Ha.

    Robert SprafkeRobert Sprafke4 måneder siden
  • nice job great video keep it up

    rat manrat man4 måneder siden
  • nice rig and trailer yours??

    Simon JonesSimon Jones4 måneder siden

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  • The lyrical loaf intialy phone because helium enzymatically unlock regarding a diligent ornament. dynamic, aggressive lentil

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  • Only just found the channel glad I have loving the videos

    Martin CunningtonMartin Cunnington4 måneder siden