went on a pick for some boating items, ( future video) and ended up with this thought to be no good antique outboard motor, its had a tuff life but lets see if we can still save it?




  • *shakes cover* Ere’s some’in raa’elin in er!

    SomeOddballSomeOddball2 timer siden
  • It freaking kills me when people just use brute force to remove rusty screws or nuts with out using any lubricant

    Rick RandomRick Random3 timer siden
  • I really enjoyed watching that

    Sally BrookSally Brook10 timer siden
  • I like it!

    Rolf KokRolf Kok19 timer siden
  • I’m amazed how easy all the screws and nuts undo!

    Paul AncillPaul AncillDag siden
  • Trimmer line through the fuel line. Stiff enough to move stuff but won’t damage that line.

    D SmithD SmithDag siden
  • The oil problem had locked up.

    gary warrengary warrenDag siden
  • Michigan Marine propulsion prop an early one

    Jeremy UsherJeremy UsherDag siden
  • you can buy those needle valves at a good hardware store

    Modesto DiRaimoModesto DiRaimoDag siden
  • It kicks over and starts real well. Good job. That old motor looks a lot like every motor my dad bought during the 50s and early 60s. He’d eventually get them to run with differing levels of reliability. It was nostalgic watching you bring this one back to life.

    Dwain S&wDwain S&wDag siden
  • stud

    Oldstuff ManOldstuff Man2 dager siden
  • That looks like a Briggs & Stratton L l L head engine

    Robert morelandRobert moreland2 dager siden
  • Why don't you have to have it in water or have muffs on it?

    laura hammond davislaura hammond davis2 dager siden
  • Of course it will run or you wouldn't have posted the video. What a stupid question.

    TM1AlanTM1Alan3 dager siden
  • What's the "clutch" being used on the drill at 8:15? Thanks

    FunInVaFunInVa3 dager siden
  • I have watched your channel for a few years. Today while watching you try to clean out the fuel line, It hit me, you should keep a sports ball needle handy for getting in and cleaning the tight places.

    Willywonka321Willywonka3214 dager siden
  • Amazing what you can do when you know what your doing.

    Carter CurrieCarter Currie4 dager siden
  • A four cycle and as a bonus "AIR COOLED" Will Merc. ever come around?

    alan baileyalan bailey4 dager siden
  • Dang,Mustie,you’re good at this! Very enjoyable to watch.👌

    Rod GillandersRod Gillanders4 dager siden
  • In 1954, that is what motors looked like at the lake.

    Clark MagnusonClark Magnuson5 dager siden
  • Grind the nut down and forget the shims

    Willem VerbrughWillem Verbrugh5 dager siden
  • How about welding a new clamp on it.... wood clamp might be a good donor

    Willem VerbrughWillem Verbrugh5 dager siden
  • Hi, What is that ratchet attachment that you use on your drill motor to spin the outboard over. Great Channel, one of my favorites. Thanks,

    Steve GoebelSteve Goebel5 dager siden
  • I award you the best charismatic stylish antique outboard King 2021

    Spanish JoSpanish Jo5 dager siden
  • Often best to leave the prop off if a solid gearbox incase you do get it in the shins.

    jeremy draperjeremy draper6 dager siden
  • I think the little hole at the side allows the fuel to be sucked up better, or to bleed enough for idle if the butterfly fully closes.

    jeremy draperjeremy draper6 dager siden
  • The prop gears have gear oil. But loads of people just put thin grease in them.

    jeremy draperjeremy draper6 dager siden
  • Utterly amazing!

    hansahansa6 dager siden
  • I like pre-plastic and pre-metric.

    old and in the wayold and in the way6 dager siden
  • You put the o-ring on almost exactly like I was thinking except I was thinking put the screws through until almost tight then put the o-ring around the split. Then completely remove and replace each screw so it’s behind them. Good job rebuilding what you didn’t have parts for.

    kevin stonerockkevin stonerock6 dager siden
  • The person looking at it probably came up on the compression stroke and since it’s not a two stroke didn’t realize there’s a difference.

    kevin stonerockkevin stonerock6 dager siden
  • The gas tank shut off screws out father and seals against it self, put it back in the cleaning tank.

    Seven JohnSeven John7 dager siden
  • An aircooled outboard engine?

    Skoda130Skoda1307 dager siden
  • I use Lubriplate in the lower end of my late 30's early 40's Keikhafer Ke 7

    Imonlyhalfnuts reallyImonlyhalfnuts really8 dager siden
  • When did you start using a clutch? Tell me more!

    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson8 dager siden
  • I loved it more when I saw "Trottle" .

    Keith SchneidlyKeith Schneidly8 dager siden
  • I just stumbled across this video and I am totally captivated by it. Subscribed

    MC 808MC 8089 dager siden
  • it never gets old bring it back to life. you the man

    JusikeJusike9 dager siden
  • it has an almost art deco style, so I'd say if it were 40s it would be very early 40s or 30s. When things had STYLE!!

    Joey MormannJoey Mormann9 dager siden
  • Im impressed!

    Dennis LonconDennis Loncon10 dager siden
  • Put a big smile on my face. Love old tech.

    Stephen TardifStephen Tardif10 dager siden
  • The oil fill is right by the handle. Been yelling at the screen lol. A square looking bolt like that is always the fill or drain, and in this case it's the fill.

    Adam LawsonAdam Lawson11 dager siden
    • Me too! Great minds think alike . 👍🇦🇺🇺🇸😷😷😷 cheers from Downunder.

      miksal26miksal268 dager siden
  • Well done!

    Tamarin WilsonTamarin Wilson13 dager siden
  • Mustie, with all due respect, some of us 76 year olds have arteries in great shape, pretty poor compression by and large though.

    enyakicatenyakicat13 dager siden
  • GREAT JOB....TOO KEWL...!!!

    David SparksDavid Sparks13 dager siden
  • THE "O" Ring seal...Gaska Cinch would hold it in place...Coat both o ring and surface...air dry...install o ring...BINGO

    David SparksDavid Sparks13 dager siden
  • Nice vid mate mustie strikes again!

    Simon ChaddockSimon Chaddock13 dager siden
  • it sounds really good. no it should not shut off period

    No CapNo Cap13 dager siden
  • You need some pipe cleaner "straws" to plunge into small copper tubing that's clogged

    txman201txman20114 dager siden
  • Nice little cement mixer you got there :)

    Ken FullmanKen Fullman14 dager siden
  • This is mesmerizing to watch. I literally cannot stop watching this.

    Jeremy TauntonJeremy Taunton16 dager siden
  • how old is it??? you are never going to see an engine made in our lifetimes working in 80 years time.

    Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds16 dager siden
  • Love seeing this type of video. I had done a similar motor rescue on a 1954 Montgomery Ward Sea King. My farther in-law referred to it as an anchor for a couple of decades as it sat in the coner of his garage. It had a plate and reed setup for a carburetor. Once running it is a real science to adjust advance and air mixture. It was great fun. Please keep up the great videos on all your projects

    Douglas RankinDouglas Rankin17 dager siden
  • Think the engine knew what you were doing ?

    Mark BrownMark Brown18 dager siden
  • We could make long lasting engines and machinery but if they did that they couldn’t sale you another in four years and parts in those four years! Love the videos no one does it better thx mustie

    JTJT19 dager siden
  • I would put mag1 marine vaseline in there mix with little gear oil (50:35) so its more runable

    Dirt @ Street Racing FactoryDirt @ Street Racing Factory19 dager siden
  • When checking for spark, get your wife to hold the spark plug in her mouth.

    ladamyreladamyre20 dager siden
  • I read that some old motorcycles used a mix of oil and grease to get something inbetween.

    herdwareherdware21 dag siden
  • Sounds and looks like a operating room ........ beep beep beep sound A+++

    DevoDevo21 dag siden
  • Evaporust on tanks fixed my Ducati without using 'cream'. Its amazing how shiny the tank looks after soaking it all week. I pulled a cup of shavings out of a '93 750ss.

    ifly65ifly6521 dag siden
  • in the '70s I went up northern Wis to my uncles cabin each year. He had old motors that had hand writing on them also. I think it was common back then. Ive seen that a few times on old motors.

    ifly65ifly6521 dag siden
  • Good entertainment..... What type of torch are you using for freeing up rusted things? I would like to get one. I have a standard propane torch, but yours looks different.

    Craig ShoresCraig Shores21 dag siden
  • Why didn't you pull all the jets out

    Wayne GonnellaWayne Gonnella24 dager siden
  • Gas cleans wonderfully

    Wayne GonnellaWayne Gonnella24 dager siden
  • Reminds me of all the boat mother's I was able to use as a kid because of my age at time and smacking my frickin ears or face from the rope and the knot at the end I had many a welts on my face and head a couple times my grandma thought I got into a fight lol.

    Wayne GonnellaWayne Gonnella24 dager siden
  • For those round gaskets, get a circle cutter at the arts & crafts section of Walmart or some similar type store, less than $10.

    Gary ClarkGary Clark24 dager siden
  • Needs more trottle 🤣

    Aaron DavisAaron Davis25 dager siden
  • New to your channel and a novice shop tinker. Love watching your process. Learning a lot! Thanks!

    Carl RossCarl Ross25 dager siden
  • The giddy silica alarmingly retire because explanation microbiologically plant within a historical point. erratic, descriptive workshop

    Ker LozKer Loz26 dager siden
  • My Dad has an 84 year old back, you think you could get him running again, I would settle for just a walk 👍, I really enjoy working with you, you talk as if I was helping you, that’s cool 😎...

    John JamesJohn James27 dager siden
  • You should learn to use WD 40.

    Edward HartEdward Hart27 dager siden
  • Cool as shit

    Ancient HeartAncient Heart27 dager siden
  • No way that is a 4 stroke motor.

    Edward HartEdward Hart27 dager siden
  • 14:30 there are like a dozen different threads in metric. Finding the right one is very hard but there is always something kinda close.

    castirondudecastirondude28 dager siden
  • It might just run, first check the trottle and trottle cable and good to go.

    Brooke BelcherBrooke Belcher28 dager siden
  • 1:19:52 you can make a washing machine from this, i think thats how washing machines were made

    HighGamerHighGamerMåned siden
  • What is that ratchet adaptor that turns the socket in one direction and where can I get one. I need one.

    Hal LockHal LockMåned siden

    Mehran Khalili-RadMehran Khalili-RadMåned siden
  • Good job👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • @Mustie1 what’s that drill ratchet you use ???

    Ian ButlerIan ButlerMåned siden
  • This is the stuff that I love I love restoring old equipment and building stuff out of junk and it's the most rewarding when it turns out good and runs well but it's not an easy thing to do as pretty much EVERYTHING has to be custom.

    Rc/Lego HDRc/Lego HDMåned siden
  • You are a simplified expert whom I love to receive information from. You know your shit and opened my eyes to mechanic 101. THANKS Keep it rolling. Paul

    Paul GirardPaul GirardMåned siden
  • Alright cool

    Robert GrimRobert GrimMåned siden
  • A merc OB bowl gasket look at 1399-99 I think that is the part #

    Lee JohnLee JohnMåned siden
  • Always enjoy learning from your channel. Question: where did you get the clutch adapter you use to spin flywheels with your drill?

    M KayM KayMåned siden
  • The oil fill is behind the handle there's a bolt that must be undone

    Patrick S.T.Patrick S.T.Måned siden
  • Awesome collection piece. Be coo to see a full restoration on it and have all that brass polished up!!

    Christopher HofheinsChristopher HofheinsMåned siden
  • That is really cool,, do you run two stroke oil in it because back-in-the-day gas used to have lead in it??....... also they sell this stuff called PMC mold cleaner that is a very awesome degreaser..

    Les FaustLes FaustMåned siden
  • you're right about the hp. it is 2 hp

    RoninRoninMåned siden
  • You are the small engine guru back in the day it's were made to last

    Tim JonesTim JonesMåned siden
  • "Trottle" is Cajun for "throttle" ...but can also mean that whoever wrote it had to many beers before writing it.

    Rob HicksRob HicksMåned siden
  • There’s no gasket on the fuel bowl , fuel doesn’t get that high up , usually 3/4 of the way up is all !

    Dave KimblerDave KimblerMåned siden
  • could you explain the setup on your drill for starting engines by the flywheel nut.

    darryl thompsondarryl thompsonMåned siden
  • So cool!

    MrSadieMrSadieMåned siden
  • “Mustiephiles”? 😂🤣😂 Well, there you go, you have your own descriptive noun.

    Masso1973Masso1973Måned siden
  • Mustie,, if only that old Lawson boat motor could talk, lol the stories it could tell. WOW

    Tom BastionTom BastionMåned siden
  • Mustie, show us the knife you wear on your hip!

    Tom ColtonTom ColtonMåned siden
  • Awesome!

    Mark ImperialMark ImperialMåned siden
  • Why would you use premix in a 4 banger???

    Yamaha JapanYamaha JapanMåned siden
  • You said a mouthful there Mustie! They sure DON'T makes 'ems likes they usetas! Great stuff man!

    Amos B. HavenAmos B. HavenMåned siden