Ben Askren closes out camp for his Jake Paul fight! As we see Askren show off a little bit more of his boxing skills! As we see ben askren training for jake paul on the heavy bag and ben askren on the pads ahead of his big fight on april 17th on triller!
Big thanks to Cornelius K9 Bundrage and Ben Askren for the footage
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  • Who you all got? Jake or Ben??? why?

    Fight Hub TVFight Hub TV24 dager siden
    • @Mouhamadou Diallo

      Esther HellmichEsther Hellmich12 dager siden
    • @Painter Jac neck

      KenKen16 dager siden
    • @Sauce it would have done if the ref wasn’t bribed

      Matt HudsonMatt Hudson17 dager siden
    • @Matt Hudson this didn't age well

      SauceSauce17 dager siden
    • Jake, because I've just watched the fight!

      Flat LineFlat Line17 dager siden
  • He hit like a flyweight

    Philip AbatPhilip Abat5 dager siden
  • Slow and old

    Silver SpiderSilver Spider7 dager siden
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    Eileen GreenbaumEileen Greenbaum7 dager siden
  • Here in south africa i know high school kids who'd beat both Jake and Ben in one round. 😂😂😂 first world made you guys real soft its actually sad bruh.

    Lol LolLol Lol9 dager siden
  • Askren looks like a dude who’s never fought in his life

    Kai ooKai oo10 dager siden
  • Who’s here after Benny got knocked??🤣

    RiddimRiddim12 dager siden
  • this is fun to watch after the fight

    Connection LostConnection Lost13 dager siden
  • I hate his face

    Little NickyLittle Nicky15 dager siden
  • Lol

    Arlindo VictoriaArlindo Victoria15 dager siden
  • Lol just look at his stance

    Daniel CasillasDaniel Casillas15 dager siden
  • Parce un robot

    Saul enrique rojasSaul enrique rojas16 dager siden
  • Where are my fellow Delusional Ben Asskren Fans? You can join me to find new excuses for our king @Benaskren it was obviously a dive.

    λWASDλλWASDλ16 dager siden
  • He even lost to the guy holding the mitts ffs

    Dave DDMDave DDM16 dager siden
    • 😂

      mythplatypuspwnedmythplatypuspwned16 dager siden
  • This didnt age well

    Qing D. MaineyQing D. Mainey17 dager siden
  • This didn't end well

    SauceSauce17 dager siden
  • Bens so cute

    Jessica bonsallJessica bonsall17 dager siden
  • What an embarrassment

    MikeMike17 dager siden
  • His foot work is sloppy that’s why he folded

    M. Univ3rs3M. Univ3rs317 dager siden
  • For everyone that thought Ben was trolling here... he wasn’t.

    Coffee Break FictionCoffee Break Fiction17 dager siden
  • This aged well

    OCE 0 ping YTOCE 0 ping YT17 dager siden
  • He did more here than the fight and that ain't a lot, Ben is an embarrassment well done jake lmao.

  • All of this to get knocked out in the first round smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Avishkar PagareAvishkar Pagare17 dager siden
  • This didn't aged really well

    Matheus FelippeMatheus Felippe17 dager siden

    Vince Anthony Jumao-asVince Anthony Jumao-as17 dager siden
  • And then he gets dropped first round not making it a minute in. Disappointing

    Ryan FrostRyan Frost17 dager siden
  • Landus

    Landus ButlerLandus Butler17 dager siden
    • carl

      Carl JohannesburgCarl Johannesburg17 dager siden
  • He looks pretty terrible I can do better than that. Id hope Jake can win with him boxing for the past years.

    Vincent GVincent G17 dager siden
  • Told you

    Samson shabuSamson shabu17 dager siden
  • This will not age well

    Samuel SwigerSamuel Swiger17 dager siden
  • Y did I trust this old man smh

    Kavern2xKavern2x17 dager siden
    • 37 aint old

      Gleed GamingGleed Gaming17 dager siden
    • You got to take this L mate

      Football 4 LifeFootball 4 Life17 dager siden
  • This is why he lost

    Introverted HeartIntroverted Heart17 dager siden
  • who back here after ben lost

    Sebastian EspinozaSebastian Espinoza17 dager siden
  • Well we know he wasn't trolling us lmfao

    jordan bjordan b17 dager siden
  • LMAO!

    Joell GarciaJoell Garcia17 dager siden

    Elaine BaisleyElaine Baisley17 dager siden
  • too bad he couldnt do it in the real fight lmaooo

    LuujLuuj17 dager siden
  • Who else is here after Ben got wrecked in the 1st round

    HighScore47HighScore4717 dager siden
  • Wtf was that fight

    Edie DriscollEdie Driscoll17 dager siden
  • Dawg wtf was that

    ManayzeManayze17 dager siden
  • So stiff

    Ji MJi M17 dager siden
  • Lol this guys got to be trolling

    Adrian TorresAdrian Torres17 dager siden
  • It’s over for this dude 😭😭

    Jordan PerezJordan Perez17 dager siden
  • Rubio prepárate, la qué te va a dar Ben👏🤣💪

    David Bergera JiménezDavid Bergera Jiménez17 dager siden
  • Ben not going to win this

    Angel GvskkAngel Gvskk17 dager siden
  • Team Jake

    Eduardo MaravillaEduardo Maravilla17 dager siden
  • Knew something was up when his trainer said 'don't breathe'

    Michael HallMichael Hall17 dager siden
  • I 🙏 he's trolling

    Donald AndersonDonald Anderson17 dager siden
  • You know what we came for why would u just put it at the middle of the video

    Kermit the HermitKermit the Hermit17 dager siden
  • bro he has the slowest punches

    Joseph AlmeidaJoseph Almeida17 dager siden
  • All the clowns who thought he was trolling lmao

    KrizzleSparkleKrizzleSparkle17 dager siden
  • the paul bros are so good at picking their opponents

    Jeff KhaJeff Kha18 dager siden
  • That fucking punching bag...

    Nbou BneiNbou Bnei18 dager siden
  • This dude has 6 KO/TKO wins in his career - I need to find those 6 guys and shake their hands 😂😂😂😂

    SyzygYSyzygY18 dager siden
  • Is this a joke is he trolling

    S MS M18 dager siden
    • yes look at the most recent footage. he was trolling

      CxRUPT ExternityCxRUPT Externity18 dager siden
  • ben actually looks like a special kid, if he fights like this today he will get knocked out

    Kraken ken47Kraken ken4718 dager siden
  • Hahahah gotta love Ben Askren, always trolling :)

    Jimmy NaraineJimmy Naraine18 dager siden
  • His coach 🤣

    Jonny PowJonny Pow18 dager siden
  • Jakes gunna win like just look at 1:06 what is that I don’t want jake to win btw

    JayNimbaJayNimba18 dager siden
  • His stamina will destroy the fake Jake...

    ocean8 Locean8 L18 dager siden
    • @λWASDλ Haha I admit I was wrong. UFC fighter indeed lousy in boxing and must really train hard for it. Its a shame ! I am convinced now that Manny can easily wipe out the whole UFC divisions..

      ocean8 Locean8 L16 dager siden
    • Where are my fellow Delusional Ben Asskren Fans? You can join me to find new excuses for our king @Benaskren it was obviously a dive.

      λWASDλλWASDλ16 dager siden
  • Ben looking weak asf

    40 Kano40 Kano18 dager siden
  • I think Ben is Trolling and Baiting him.........LOL

    Mike FuMike Fu18 dager siden
  • I hope Ben wins but I don’t think he is trying that much those punches looked like baby punches idk I just hope he wins

    Wavy 999Wavy 99918 dager siden
  • His own coach had better movement and i bet his coach beats Askren in te ring

    ziggy Cziggy C18 dager siden
  • Ben is the biggest troll. I see this fight being grueling and ugly for Jake. Ben is gonna take him thru the rounds for the win.

    BMass TV™BMass TV™18 dager siden
    • Where are my fellow Delusional Ben Asskren Fans? You can join me to find new excuses for our king @Benaskren it was obviously a dive.

      λWASDλλWASDλ16 dager siden
  • Man this has been a long running joke even his world class spinning fists against maia was him taunting and holding back?? Insane.

    AA18 dager siden
  • Obviously trolling

    Light ModeLight Mode18 dager siden
  • Why is Ben putting these out, he literally looks terrible in all these training videos.

    Lieven YpermanLieven Yperman18 dager siden
    • @Jordanv231 After having seen the fight, I don't think it was.

      Lieven YpermanLieven Yperman17 dager siden
    • It's to bait Jake

      MxttezMxttez18 dager siden
    • It was trolling

      Jordanv231Jordanv23118 dager siden
  • It’s tonight

    Blake BrissonBlake Brisson18 dager siden
  • Paul is gonna get homer simpsoned to d3ath.

    Will PageWill Page18 dager siden
  • He’s a wrestle Beast doesn’t know how to punch jake in 3 rounds

    GrumpzFNGrumpzFN18 dager siden
  • Did this guy just pranked jake 😂

    ruthran ilankovanruthran ilankovan18 dager siden

    Sonyg06Sonyg0618 dager siden
  • I feel like I’m watching someone that was in a terrible accident slowly learning how to move again....

    Jacob TobiasJacob Tobias18 dager siden
  • Thats weak show us the real deal! Show the hard work off bruh!

    King MazdaKing Mazda18 dager siden
  • Xx

    Melk 14Melk 1418 dager siden
  • ben is just calm with it he is comfortable with the environment dude is just chill but jake u can tell is nervous and is underestimatin ben cause how he built

    Gringo CatrachoGringo Catracho18 dager siden
  • Looking like Rocky!

    kenneth salterkenneth salter18 dager siden
  • lol

    Maddy KimMaddy Kim18 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, I’m not a Jake Paul fan but can’t help but root for him after the Gib and Nate Kryptonite Robinson fights, HOWEVER I do think he’s playing with fire against Ben Askren.

    J. Col3J. Col318 dager siden
  • He had yall fooled. Me included

    Richard SaundersRichard Saunders18 dager siden
  • Dude went a decade without really throwing a hit 🤣 so just imagine what in the fuck will happen. Just like the eagle said an olympian is a different breed of fighter.

    Thomas BeersThomas Beers18 dager siden
  • Im not usually a guy to do this but I thought it said knockout blows I think Jake has it I don't think Ben has the stamina anymore and he ain't a boxer but things happen but Ben askren is really underestimating jake so that could be another down fall

    Christian StenbergChristian Stenberg18 dager siden
  • He should not be in a ring he should be in a fat camp

    Brandon RodriguezBrandon Rodriguez18 dager siden
  • This guy should be really practicing throwing looping shots at the other dude he's fighting since he's shorter. Fight smart. Looping shots will be his best weapon. Find your distance early. Body shots are good also. Timing his movement. Liver shots and solarplex shots.

    Brandon HayesBrandon Hayes18 dager siden
  • Man honestly I think this dude is getting paid to get beat up or knocked out. 3 sec kick or 3 sec punch he's gonna take either one for the money. My personal thought is I don't like the Paul Brothers and I hope Askren can pull this one,but Askrens trainer don't seem reliable and worthy of an intense training to a victory win for Askren. It's like which one is the underdog??

    Ray VRay V19 dager siden
  • This guy fights like rocky in rocky 1

    TeeKayTeeKay19 dager siden
  • Saludos desde Argentina!!

    Carlos LeivaCarlos Leiva19 dager siden
  • These are old

    PURDESS 3PURDESS 319 dager siden
  • God damn Ben is bad at throwing the hands. It's unbelievable. I still think he will tire out Jake and put him away

    F13NDFATH3RF13NDFATH3R19 dager siden
  • Yeah but what yaw don't know is this is his max speed and he's gonna lose and make a fool of himself for one final paycheck this weekend

    Alex EddyAlex Eddy19 dager siden
  • They both look horrible

    David MillerDavid Miller19 dager siden
  • Is the trainer serious? I hope not standing like that to throw a hook!

    Dead on Arrival ParanormalDead on Arrival Paranormal19 dager siden
  • This is fucking hilarious 🤣 I can't wait to see Askrin do the blessed buisness 🙏

    Alex DunfordAlex Dunford19 dager siden
  • 😂😂 man looks lost

    Josh PaughJosh Paugh19 dager siden
  • It’s like I’m watching stroke rehabilitation.

    Sug MadicSug Madic19 dager siden
  • All i see is his guard right open for a body shot or a big right straight to his face or that flying right hook like from the manny paq vs Marquez fight 😂

    Steven MedranoSteven Medrano19 dager siden
  • Stop making these people famous

    Valeck VerdenValeck Verden19 dager siden
  • Win or lose I'm a huge fan of Ben let's goo!

    Matthew HurleyMatthew Hurley19 dager siden
  • this boxing coach seems a lil sus... idk man

    Matthew HurleyMatthew Hurley19 dager siden