Andrew Camarata interview - T.P.J.P by Sid Phillips

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Camarata who has amassed a following centred around his passion to build, fix and destroy. For those that do not know him he has established a successful Property Maintenance business ‘Camarata Property Maintenance’ and has built a container castle in which he lives.

Andrew discusses with me his story of how he got to where he is today and shares advice to people looking to follow in his footsteps. We also discuss some of the equipment he uses for NOcds and his plans for the future.


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  • Very enjoyable and genuine interview. Wish more content producers would do them. Thank you Andrew.

    C WC W9 dager siden
  • Andrew is such a kewl guy not to mention amazing skills w heavy equipment!!!!! Love the dog(s) involvement!

    twerkin the city huhtwerkin the city huh13 dager siden
  • Why is ur turntable rotating the wrong way??

    twerkin the city huhtwerkin the city huh13 dager siden
  • Great interview. I just discovered Mr. Camarata, and can’t get enough of his content lately. This interview nicely fills in some of the blanks with what makes him tick.

    Scott WilhiteScott Wilhite22 dager siden
  • This man is so entertaining to watch. Why is the record going backwards?

    Robert CullearnRobert CullearnMåned siden
  • Ooops people

    Everett CrutchfieldEverett CrutchfieldMåned siden
  • Andrew is a cool dude that young p3 can learn from ..

    Everett CrutchfieldEverett CrutchfieldMåned siden
  • I love Andrews feelings towards patreon accounts. Doesn’t want free money but a company giving products for advertising is different. This man is different and above most ytube people who want free handouts and ask for them every video. I’ve never heard him ask viewers to subscribe, hit 👍 button or give to anything for nothing. He doesn’t even want to sell merchandise, he is not a beggar. He is an HONEST AMERICAN who believes in the American way. God continues to bless you every day, we Subscribers are proud to be here with you. Thank you Andrew

    Gene GoodmanGene GoodmanMåned siden
  • awesome , thanks Andrew & Sid.

    Glenn 65Glenn 65Måned siden
  • Been watching Andrew's channel from just before lockdown and I keep being amazed how down to earth he is. Every video is not only entertaining, but you actually learn something. You know it's gonna be good when he starts with: "So the job at hand today is ... " and then ends with: "Well off to the next job, right Levi..." Love how he treasures Levi and Codie and always involves them as the final inspectors after the jobs are complete.

    Ronald J TriumphRonald J Triumph2 måneder siden
  • ZEOS DX2486 200MZ

    M HaightM Haight2 måneder siden
  • That record going backwards is messing with my OCD

    Gareth JuddGareth Judd2 måneder siden
  • Andrew one of the reasons I watch your channel is because you don’t have patreon. It is begging and I respect you even more for your view on it.

    JamesJames2 måneder siden
  • its cool that he is so ordinary but unique 😁

    Davidnumber23Davidnumber232 måneder siden

    Gregory MizeGregory Mize2 måneder siden
  • Andrew is amazing, hardworking, smart guys. I love his video's. Actually I get my inspiration from him to fix stuff at home and family as well. Keep up the good work.

    Constantio RodriguesConstantio Rodrigues2 måneder siden
  • I love his videos and this interview was so cool. I don’t do anything he does, but I watch all his stuff. Very cool. Love his attitude. Thanks for this

    Megan ThwaitesMegan Thwaites2 måneder siden
  • When Andrew said “ I did not do so well in some classes on high school like English and Spanish. I did not learn a drop of Spanish that was a waste of time.” I could relate to that a lot because I took one semester of Spanish and I dropped out I did not learn a drop of it.

    C. WalshC. Walsh2 måneder siden
  • This in scripture, would be quoted as, “do everything you do, as unto the Lord!” You can certainly put a price on materials, labor and more subjectively, time. You cannot put a price on your character and integrity, because they are priceless! Own them in full, sell them cheaply, or give them away! Andrew is, knowingly or not, a great example!!!

    CWL 777CWL 7773 måneder siden
  • What impressed me immediately about Andrew, was watching the video of him being hired to construct a driveway. Now in order to this, he had to remove numerous stumps and debris before he could even begin the actual driveway. He NEVER did the minimum work necessary to complete the job! He ensured the debris was removed and the location was then smoothed, contoured, etc. When he dumped the stumps into a gully on the property, he did so with thought and care, even afterward ensuring the gully was smoothed, contoured and landscape ready! This is how men use to do business! “I am going to complete every aspect of this job, as if I were working on my very own property!” “I am going to, instead of the minimums, provide the maximums!” “I understand the importance of, and the imperative’s why, paying attention to EVERY detail is paramount!” Finally, “I perform every single task of work, whether for me, family, friends, or customers with this mindset... My goal is to do this job better than it has ever been done before!”

    CWL 777CWL 7773 måneder siden
  • Its all in how his parents raised him good job parents

    Kristine JacksonKristine Jackson3 måneder siden
  • Love your videos Andrew.

    my surly truckermy surly trucker3 måneder siden
  • So comfy.

    Autism AndyAutism Andy3 måneder siden
  • So glad I listened to this.

    Chad AdlerChad Adler3 måneder siden
  • andrew saludos desde Puerto Rico...greetings from PR...i enjoy your videos..something well done all the time....always busy ..guess you started as a young boy...hard working guy...keep up the good work...congrats..i hope i could visit you at your castle//////

    Jose AcostaJose Acosta3 måneder siden
  • You should do a follow up. I’m especially interested in the process he went through with doing the renovations and additions and getting various help. Plus future plans for his property.

    Andrea KeelingAndrea Keeling3 måneder siden
  • Great interview enjoy going back in time and the discussion of your videos.

    Paul DemeulesPaul Demeules3 måneder siden
  • Drew is a hard worker, highly admirable that he doesn't take on accepting 'free' crap like most people do on you-tube.

    Dave NDave N3 måneder siden
  • Camarata 2024. Make it happen people.

    DaveDave3 måneder siden
  • how i ever missed this

    aleksikuusiniemialeksikuusiniemi3 måneder siden
  • The thing with Andrew is he doesn't play up to the camera and become a fake character for views like so many other NOcdsr's do. He's genuine and 100% himself all the time and the work he does alone makes the content entertaining enough that he doesn't need to play up to the camera even if he wanted to. And he actually works for his money which makes what he does respectable unlike most other NOcdsr's who sit on their butt and think editing videos is hard 'work'. Look at what Andrew can accomplish in a day AND he edits his own videos on top of that and never complains. That's a real hard-working man right there and you can't compete against it.

    losferwords100losferwords1003 måneder siden
  • Sound levels are very low.

    thenevermantheneverman3 måneder siden
  • This is truly a wonderful happening, Thank you kindly Mr Phillips

    20 below20 below3 måneder siden
  • excellent interview

    ccagle121ccagle1213 måneder siden
  • Camarata is good man

    khaledmahboub1khaledmahboub13 måneder siden
  • it's on 78 instead of 33 going so fast it looks like it's going backwards

    john boylejohn boyle3 måneder siden
  • i want to hear more about this mini castle and the land aswell 47:15

    krashdown102krashdown1023 måneder siden
  • Sid your audio is good . I used to switch fridges off as I am a drama sound recordist. Problem was that I was caught out once and had to get the location manager to get in touch with the home owner to switch the fridge back on . 🥴

    Helen ❤️Helen ❤️3 måneder siden
  • Trolls are one thing, but there are plenty of valid criticisms for AC's work, and techniques. More "armchair mechanics" should point out the flaws, because, astoundingly to me, some people seem to watch his videos for tips, or as how-to videos Best to be viewed as documentaries of what he does, not how things _should_ be done.

    blkcandywarezblkcandywarez4 måneder siden
  • @Sid nice find, Andrew is so industrious and motivated. Has fun, tackles tough projects and is always thinking Outside the Box !! While teaching at the same time.

    Tree ClimberTree Climber4 måneder siden
  • The cold don't bother him ,wonder what his girlfriend thinks lol Andrew can we sit in your truck for awhile I can't feel my feet lol

    howduchowduc4 måneder siden
  • Andrew get a Merch deal with a local Tee Shirt Person!

    Al FosterAl Foster4 måneder siden
  • Taking on this interview is just as cool and professional as he takes on all his jobs. Great!

    Wilhelmus KoolWilhelmus Kool4 måneder siden
  • Andreu michmo jjpitra

    Janaina GalegoJanaina Galego5 måneder siden
    • Jj pintura braziu ok

      Janaina GalegoJanaina Galego5 måneder siden
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    Jarrett WendlerJarrett Wendler5 måneder siden
  • The Linn Sondek is turning counter-clockwise!

    Tom KI6ASPTom KI6ASP5 måneder siden
  • Andrew is one of my heroes! Great example of work ethic and initiative

    James ShookJames Shook5 måneder siden
  • sid - for f^&% sake - at least get the turntable to spin the right way - it is messing with my OCD ok !@#$%

    Neale SchelksNeale Schelks5 måneder siden
  • Sid, how did you get this interview? It was awesome by the way.

    SHRED CTSHRED CT5 måneder siden
  • it's funny how the light reflection spins with the record.

    wccpywccpy5 måneder siden
  • Very hard worker!

    Anonymous ?Anonymous ?5 måneder siden
  • Very good interview.

    Bill HBill H5 måneder siden
  • Let’s get to work

    Richard RaymondRichard Raymond5 måneder siden
  • Poor Andrew He's stuck on a backwards running record player For ever! 🤣🤣🤣

    Lorne ThomasLorne Thomas5 måneder siden
  • ...Castle/chalet. See the vertical container placement episode...amazing. He's a "can-do" type, who has creativity, and guts. Anyone who wants to see stereo installation-dashboard adjustment using a chainsaw.... - "there-, good as new"... We enjoy and admire him tremendously. And the dogs.

    Roger DaleRoger Dale5 måneder siden
  • Andrew my friend that has never met me. I just want to reach out to you seeing Levi looking much as my puppy looks, all of her 11 years. He looks old, but you can definitely see the love that you have put in his dish. I love your channel, I have watched you since you started on your house. I started about the same time 2010 on my house . I wish I could show your progress. You are doing great Andrew, keep the hammer down, and your head Heald proud my American friend. Glad you now have Cody,!!!

    murray guindonmurray guindon5 måneder siden
  • When I finally looked away from the screen, it felt like I was tripping. My world was twisting around me lol

    StanStan5 måneder siden
  • That was worth listening to Andrew thank you. People are born sticky noses and when you grow on us we like to here about you. Like this interview ,very good. All the best from Australia 🇦🇺

    Geoffrey W. BleeGeoffrey W. Blee6 måneder siden
  • Love Andrew's channel. It's not about being the centre of attention or fame. His work ethic and drive is faultless. Creativity and education in one format

    AW ServicesAW Services6 måneder siden
  • Good interview but no personal questions who's the girl in some of your videos are you married? Do you want kids?

    the2060ishthe2060ish6 måneder siden
  • That was awesome! Thank You!

    Tamás DohyTamás Dohy6 måneder siden
  • Great interview. I'm a fan of Mr. Camarata (and now of yours :) Well done indeed!

    Michael TMichael T6 måneder siden
  • Andrew deine NOcds Sendungen sind Spitze Danke.

    Andreas VolkmannAndreas Volkmann6 måneder siden
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    Larry TorresLarry Torres6 måneder siden
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    Larry TorresLarry Torres6 måneder siden
  • To be honest a lot of my questions about small engines diesel, and tractor repair, welding, chain saw maintenance and general curiosity have been answered watching Andrew's video, s.Even laying a driveway ,leveling, grading, resolving issues with rain water and snow(cold weather).Very simple issues to people who have the hands on but interesting to people who have not(self).Educational for sure!Cool dude!

    joseph l Walls srjoseph l Walls sr6 måneder siden
  • The interview to bust up joe rogan 😂👍

    Boer369Boer3696 måneder siden
  • hola ,tienes que aislar la chapa ,con lana de vidrio o poliuretano expandido

    Severino RompeolasSeverino Rompeolas6 måneder siden
  • Mustie1 is another good channel also

    Norman BuchananNorman Buchanan6 måneder siden
  • so glad you got an interview with Andrew he's a very unique and admirable young man

    Norman BuchananNorman Buchanan6 måneder siden
  • Hey Andrew- just stumbled over your videos in the last month; really enjoy them; its good learning for me. Nothing works like hard work.

    Jono TermaatJono Termaat6 måneder siden
  • Did you realize that your turn table is turning backwards?

    Ray AdcockRay Adcock6 måneder siden
  • His videos are popular because kids watch them over and over for his dogs and machines. The only reason i know about him is because my 3yo son loves machines

    Dejo HannDejo Hann6 måneder siden
  • He knows so much variety of things

    Rafael RiveraRafael Rivera6 måneder siden
  • I admire your Dad, for raising a nice guy like you!

    J KJ K6 måneder siden
  • I don’t know a single other individual who has ever mentioned Zeos computers in almost 30 years. It’s an obscure early 90s brand. Figures AC would have had one. He’s a unique guy.

    hak1985orghak1985org6 måneder siden
  • it so horrible I'm 15 and in high school and the closest thing to small engine repair we have is woodshop

    braiden seamanbraiden seaman6 måneder siden
  • The GOAT !!!

    cal ainsworthcal ainsworth6 måneder siden
  • You are so niice Andrew. It is very interesting to whatch your videos.

    John PetterssonJohn Pettersson6 måneder siden
  • This is entertaining on its own

    Camera king 124Camera king 1246 måneder siden
  • Great video.

    Reubenb 1027Reubenb 10276 måneder siden
  • Fix that dam record player 🤣

    Lorne ThomasLorne Thomas6 måneder siden
    • Go f*** ya self

      Sid PhillipsSid Phillips5 måneder siden
  • 1000

    Wade HWade H6 måneder siden
  • would like to know if Andrew is ever going to have employees.

    Mr. CleanMr. Clean6 måneder siden
  • Andrew should have become an ex Google engineer

    inikkorinikkor6 måneder siden
  • I challenge anyone to name an interview that is more intriguing than this one

    CM The 300CM The 3006 måneder siden
  • Hey the raccoon kid!:D nice

    TitusPazmanyTitusPazmany6 måneder siden
  • The first A.C video was the cleaning out a coal bin. Hooked ever since. I like his videos mainly because he gives a brief description of what he's doing and carries on. No clickbait titles too.

    John BushJohn Bush6 måneder siden
  • I just found Andrew’s channel yesterday and I really am inspired, great guy

    Wheelin N’ DealinWheelin N’ Dealin6 måneder siden
  • The Real MacGyver

    MarcMarc6 måneder siden
  • Awesome interview. Thanks to both of you.

    Britt HoggBritt Hogg6 måneder siden
    • Thank you very much mate

      Sid PhillipsSid Phillips5 måneder siden
  • Andrew has a great attitude toward life and his job.He make us feel that he isn't working but playing.He is a sympathique genius !

    Leslie TrankillLeslie Trankill6 måneder siden
  • Really great interview nice to hear Andrew talk about his work and stuff 👍🇬🇧

    David BowenDavid Bowen6 måneder siden
  • The world 🌎 needs more young people like 👍 ANDREW The world would be a much better place to live in

    Artford LoweryArtford Lowery6 måneder siden
  • Andrew gives me hope for the younger generation, mind set very similar to Fred Dibnah God rest his soul. No afraid of hard graft and a willingness to get the hands dirty

    Little BullLittle Bull7 måneder siden
  • You will never have him ask you to like,comment, and subscribe on any video he post the kid is as humble and hard working as you would want from any one single person the world needs more humans like him

    Uncle BarryUncle Barry7 måneder siden
  • Andrew does your wife know how the well did you teach her how to weld and that I seen the episode where you guys are finishing your and she was welding did you teach her or does she know how to weld I really like your show Andrew

    Karl HelgesonKarl Helgeson7 måneder siden
  • His container castle that he built is sick af. It's like a house on top of his work shop.

    Jeremy BlancoJeremy Blanco7 måneder siden
  • I was a contractor for thirty five years. Show up early and leave last. And pay your quarterly taxes on time.

    S BS B7 måneder siden
  • There's a darkness on the edge of town

    S BS B7 måneder siden